Review - An Internet Drugstore That Didn’t Have A Customer Support Team Review – An Internet Drugstore That Didn’t Have A Customer Support Team was an online pharmacy that originally offered steroid products. They evolved into a bigger internet drugstore and started offering other medications such as weight loss medicines, antidepressant, acne treatment, genital warts treatment, and headache drugs. They also offered medicines for cardiovascular health conditions, high cholesterol, pain relief, psychosis, arthritis and gastro conditions. Their main products were hormones and estrogen products.

The operation date and closing date of Vitality Pharm were not available on their page. They did not offer any information as to when they started operating or where they were located.

To use, a customer needed to login or create an account first. Once logged in, you can choose the medicine or substance you need. For hormones, they offered popular bulking formulas like Trenabol, Turanabol, Winstrol, Sustanon, HCG, HGH, Durabol, and Adriol. According to their ads on their website, they offer quality and affordable steroids and hormone products.

When it comes to men’s health and erectile dysfunction medicines they offered, they had Cialis, Silagra, and Viagra. They also offered Kamagra and Kamagra Jelly. They offered a pack of 10 of Cialis for €54 or $63. A pack of 4 tablets of Kamagra costs €22 or $25 while a pack of Kamagra Jelly was sold for €50 or $59. A pack of 4 tablets of Silagra was sold for €21 or $24 and a pack of Viagra with 20 tablets was sold for €355 or almost $400. This was a branded Viagra.

All orders can be paid with a credit card, MoneyGram, or thru bank wire transfer. All orders were shipped via the Standard International Airmail Delivery Service because it does not require a signature. Orders were shipped from Asia and Europe and were guaranteed to be delivered within 14 days. This was after the 2-days processing and packing. Before reporting any lost or missing orders, customers were advised to wait for up to 90 days. In case there was customs delay, customers were encouraged to contact the support team and open a ticket for such. According to their page, they had a 98% delivery success rate. allowed PO Box addresses as delivery addresses and as an online pharmacy that honors the law, they do not accept returning of a product as well (returning of purchased medicine is prohibited by the law). They also stand firm with their belief that it if the missed delivery was due to a customer’s fault (provided a wrong delivery address), the e-store is not responsible in reshipping the order. The customer should pay for the reshipping.

Ordering from was easy as they did not implement a maximum or a minimum number of orders. However, they did not provide any contact information aside from their contact us page. If there were issues or concerns about their service or products, customers can only send them a message via their contact us page. Reviews

Finding a review for was not hard. We found some reviews from a steroid forum site and some from their own website.

Vitalitypharm Reviews

From a third-party steroid review website, we found a review from ‘Bigger John’ who said that 70% of the time, he is receiving his orders from In his opinion, John expressed his discomfort with this e-store saying that they probably tried to win his trust first them scammed him after. Bigger John said he is not recommending this steroid e-store.

Another negative review for Vitality Pharm was shared by DannyArcher and his review sounded like a loud voice that says, ‘beware of this scam’! He said he paid his order via Western Union and he confirmed that his payment was received. The e-store was denying taking out the funds from Western Union and he ended up losing his money and receiving nothing from

The last review we found was shared 5 years ago and it was from Horst. In his experience, Horst said that this e-store was dependable as he received all his orders in good condition. His only concern was the high price of Turinabol yet he said that it was genuine hence it was still good.

Vitalitypharm On-Site Reviews

From the testimonial page of Vitalitypharm, we found a testimonial shared by P. Money who said that his order arrived after five days only. He concluded his review by saying that Vitality Pharm was a great site.

The second review we found was from Justin M who claimed to be a loyal customer of since 2004. According to Justin, the medicines offered by this e-store were genuine and they had high-quality service.

The reviews for were mixed and it was clear that the on-site reviews seem to be fake or paid. We also find the two reviews from the third-party site to be frightening if they were true. Reviews 2018

With being inactive in the last few years, there are no available reviews for 2018. Coupon Codes

A quick search for any coupon codes that Vitalitypharm might have used resulted to zero.

Vitalitypharm Coupon Codes

What we found were special offers that gave big discounts to customers. One example was the pricing for an HCG Pregnyl 5000 that costs €250 instead of €280.

Conclusion was a big online pharmacy that started by offering hormones and steroids and ended up offering more than a hundred medicines from different medical categories.

Most of the reviews we found for this website were not good (except for the on-site reviews) hence we are not comfortable in branding this as a reliable online pharmacy. Aside from their mix reviews, we also find it disappointing that they did not have any phone or chat support team that their customers can talk to in case an issue arises.

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