Review – Only Impotence Meds Sold Here Review – Only Impotence Meds Sold Here may have been named after Viagra, the leading erectile dysfunction drug from the company Pfizer, but the store isn’t really selling the brand name product from the massive drug conglomerate. Viagra Now Biz is actually a generics seller – more like an online pharmacy service instead of an actual online pharmacy – that connects buyers to the store’s network of ground drugstores bearing cheap but high-quality generic medications.

Like the typical generic online seller, there is no information on Viagra Now Biz about where it is based or when its service started. However, I was able to determine its age through the help of an online domain assessment service – according to the analysis result, the domain was created in 2000. While it is difficult to know whether it was Viagra Now Biz who owned the domain, I still can say that the store, by far, is one of the oldest living web pharmacies in the market.

As you can infer from the shop’s domain name, the store Viagra Now Biz sells products similar to the Sildenafil Citrate drug Viagra from Pfizer. All of the products found on the Viagra Now Biz website are for erectile dysfunction, so only men with impotence were the ones who have probably used the store. Although all of the medicines found on Viagra Now Biz are for erectile dysfunction treatment, we can still group the medicines found on the Viagra Now Biz website. Products found on Viagra Now Biz may be grouped according to their active ingredients: Sildenafil Citrate medicines (or generic Viagra products), Vardenafil HCl medicines (or generic Levitra products), and Tadalafil (or generic Cialis products).

Of all the ED medicines sold by Viagra Now Biz, the most popular ones are the following:

  • Viagra: $0.36 each unit
  • Cialis: $1.07 each unit
  • Levitra: $0.99 each unit
  • Kamagra: $2.72 each unit
  • Super P-Force: $5.30 each unit
  • Kamagra Jelly: $3.45 each unit

According to the store, all of its items are approved by the FDA. I have noticed that the majority of the brands of the items sold by the Viagra Now Biz store are from renowned Indian manufacturers, so I believe that these medicines are approved at least by the Indian FDA.

Concerning prescriptions, customers may order freely from Viagra Now Biz without providing an Rx for their items. However, Viagra Now Biz strongly encourages its consumers to see their doctors first before proceeding to use any product on Viagra Now Biz, especially those clients with pre-existing medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and others.

Viagra Now Biz ships internationally and charges $10 for the regular airmail service (takes about 3 weeks) and $30 for the fast shipping service (more or less a week). Regarding payments, Viagra Now Biz accepts VISA, Diners Club, JCB, AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, and E-checks.

Concerning refunds, buyers are assured that in the case of non-delivery, buyers will be entitled to refunds.

Viagranow Customer Chat

Buyers may reach Viagra Now Biz through its live chat support or its phone numbers. Reviews

There are several Viagra Now Biz reviews on the platform, but the store did not have independent website reviews from its consumers. It’s surprising that this was the case with Viagra Now Biz considering its long online selling history.

Viagra Now Reviews
Viagra Now Reviews

Michael said that the prices of medicines at Viagra Now Biz are quite low. He also mentioned ordering twice from the store and stated that he did receive his orders on both occasions.

Roberto thanked the store for the excellent service given him. According to Roberto, the Viagra Now Biz support team was very helpful when he had an inquiry about his order.

Eric Anderson, like Roberto, described how the Viagra Now Biz has offered him assistance for his order. Eric has also confirmed that he has received his order from Viagra Now Biz and within 10 days after placing an order on the website.

However, although the reviews found on-site are good to read, these reviews can’t be fully trusted considering they were only from the store. I tried to look for more reliable third-party reviews for the shop but there were no reviews found on the web for this platform. Reviews 2018

It’s the same thing with 2018 Viagra Now Biz reviews – there are no third-party user reviews for Viagra Now Biz on the web.

Viagra Now Biz Assessment Result
Viagra Now Biz Assessment Result

I checked the Viagra Now Biz store using a third-party platform, but overall, the result was not what I expected. According to the details, the shop was reported for being an online scam and was marked as a spam store. However, Viagra Now Biz has an SSL certificate and was detected to have more than 3 years of service, which are actually uncommon for online pharmacies. Coupon Codes

Viagra Now Biz Customer Deals
Viagra Now Biz Customer Deals

Although no coupon codes were posted by the Viagra Now Biz store, the shop had the following deals:

All buyers are given freebie pills on their every Viagra Now Biz order. The store also gives 10% discount on all buyers on their 2nd and further orders. As for shipping, Viagra Now Biz offers to waive the shipping fee if the orders exceed $200.


Viagra Now Biz is an online pharmacy service selling only generic impotence treatments. The store’s been up for more than 3 years and unlike most online drugstores, it actually has an SSL certificate. However, there are no third-party reviews for this platform and according to Scamner, Viagra Now Biz was listed as a scam and spam store. While I don’t really see a strong evidence for these complaints about Viagra Now Biz, I think it’s better to consider using proven reliable stores for the meantime, like the shops encompassed in our list of TOP Web Pharmacies.

Deborah Casey

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