Review: A Place to Get Support for Your Medication is an international dispensary that operates online. It offers and delivers generic and branded medicines to customers worldwide. This international e–store offers medicine at a discounted rate of up to 70% according to their homepage. The medicines they offer are from reliable pharmaceutical companies that they deal with directly so they can get it at its lowest price.

If you are looking for a branded or generic medicine, you can check the long list of drugs offered by support-order-cs. Support Order Cs offers medicine for an allergic reaction, fungal and bacterial infection, erectile dysfunction, pain, and arthritis. They also have medicines for conditions such as anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss, and birth control. All medicines offered at this e-store are FDA approved.

If you are looking for an erectile dysfunction medicine, support-order-cs also got it for you. They offer generic Viagra at a very low price of $0.32 per tablet. For a generic Cialis, the price is $0.67 per pill. They also have other brands of ED drugs such as Kamagra, Malegra, Levitra, Avana, Silagra, Tadalis, Forzest, Tadacip, and Tadapox.

For the shipping policy, all orders are expected to be delivered within the given timeframe, depending on the shipping method you choose. If you are going to choose Airmail Delivery for $10, expect your order to be delivered within 21 days or three weeks. If you are willing to pay $20, you can have your order delivered via EMS Courier Delivery and have it within 8 business days. The fastest delivery time is three days depending on the destination. Still, there can be issues such as custom problems that might arise in your country and it can lead to some delays in delivery. Rest assured that the guaranteed shipping offer of support-order-cs covers you. It means that if anything happens to your order, support-order-cs will check it for you and re-send it as needed. If a refund is necessary, they will process a refund straight to your credit card as well.

Support-order-cs accepts credit card such as Visa and Amex for payment. If you have eCheck, you can also pay using this method. Reviews

For 14 years, support-order-cs has been processing orders for their customer worldwide. What are their customers saying about them?

Support-order-cs Reviews

One customer review we found was shared by Dylan from Germany. The original destination of Dylan’s order was his postbox address but their local courier is not delivering in a PO Box address. They called him multiple times to make an arrangement until his order was delivered in his office address. Despite having some issues with the delivery, Dylan said that everything was okay including the product itself.

Landon from France also shared his experience was good with His main satisfaction lies with the price, which was a lot cheaper as compared to their local drugstore.

For the last review, we found the shared experience of Caleb from Italy. According to Caleb, his order arrived on time and he was surprised to see it after 6 days.

For one, these reviews from support-order-cs customers expose the fast delivery and reliable service of support-order-cs as an online pharmacy. These are from their old customers though so we decided to look for newer reviews. Reviews 2018

Support-order-cs has been operating for the last decade with high success. Their reviews from the last ten years are mostly positive. After searching for newer customer testimonials, here are what we found.

Support-order-cs Recent Reviews

We found reviews from Benjamin, St Patricks, and Samuel. According to these men, support-order-cs is an internet drugstore that:

  • Do follow up to ensure that customers receive their orders
  • Offers efficient and reliable service
  • Has safe and effective medicines to offer
  • Offers a prompt and efficient deal
  • Offers bonus pills
  • Offers low-priced medicines
  • Is an honest and helpful e-dispensary

These newer customer reviews of support-order-cs only show that up to this date, support-order-cs remains to be one of the most reliable and known internet drugstores that cater to customers worldwide. Some of the reviews we just read are from Spain and France. Coupon Codes

Most internet drugstores are offering coupon codes as a way to reward their loyal customers. A coupon code is a combination of letters and numbers that when used it is equivalent to an amount that is deducted from your final bill. In short, it is a saving. Support-order-cs is not offering coupon codes though. What they offer are perks that most customers also find enticing.

Support-order-cs Offers

Among the perks that support-order-cs that offers are discounted prices for their trial erection packs and medicines that are up to 70% off. Their trial packs are a combination of different ED medicine brands that you can order in one at a very low price. One example is their pack of Cialis + Viagra for $59.95.


Support-order-cs is a store that has been serving its customers for the last 14 years. In addition, most of their customers are happy with their experience and the products they receive from this e-store. We also admire the long list of medicines they offer.

Upon checking the list of drugs offered by support-order-cs, we noticed that the prices are really friendly. Their website is also easy to use and if you are looking for a medicine, you can either use the category option or use their bestseller list. As long as you have a credit card and your country is not strict with importing of medicines law, we are not seeing any issue why you should not order from support-order-cs.

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