Review – Very Brief Period of Existence

Premium Rx Pills was an online pharmacy that existed somewhere from 2013 up until 2015. Not very much information is available for this website as the search engines could only find a few sources that have details about is existence. The information that these sources provide is also quite limited, leaving us with only a few data to work with. It’s kind of surprising that even the web archives don’t have any information about Premium Rx Pills which leads us to think that it only existed for a brief amount of time that only spanned for weeks or a couple of months. If there was a source on the web that had complete captures of any website—closed or still running—the web archives was the way to go since it had billions of captures saved on its vaults. But since there were no captures of to be found on its database, there was no other option but to scour the web for anything that leads us to its site.

Luckily, there were a small number of websites that gave us few leads concerning the already non-existent site of The first data that we got was an image of its webpage and it appears to have been a legitimately operating online medicine source back in the day. It had a good number of medicine categories on its website just like other online pharmacies but we can assume that this was not as wide-ranging as the local drugstores had. The assortment of its products might just be a limited one but we can be sure that sold popular meds on its site to attract clients. As seen on the image above, the medicines on the middle part of the image were pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Though the writings on the image is a little blurry due to its small size, we can recognize the names above the pills as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These brands are the three most popular ED brands in the market and these drugs are quite on demand due to a large number of people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Beside the names of its ED drugs was the word “generic” and this confirms that was an online pharmacy that specialized in selling generic drugs. It might have had branded meds on its medicine selection but there would be no way for us to know since there’s only a little information left about its website. Since sold generic medicines, we can be absolutely sure that it sold its products at very affordable costs. Generic meds are known to be cheaper than branded drugs by 80% to 90% and it’s just logical to conclude that many customers have saved money by purchasing their medications from’s site.

ED drugs are known to be prescription drugs but on whether required its clients to provide scripts or not for their prescription products, we can only guess. Most online pharmacies don’t have scripts as a requirement so we might as well assume that it was not asked by from its customers. Although some online pharmacies necessitated their customers to provide prescriptions whenever they bought prescription drugs, that possibility isn’t likely for since it’s not an online extension of a local drugstore. It was an independent online pharmacy just like most of the medicine sources on the web.

Premium Rx Pills Hotlines

Premium Rx Pills Hotlines

We’re also fortunate because not only did our internet sources manage to save an image of’s site. Our sources also captured the phone hotlines that Premium Rx Pills had back when it was still in business. Its contact numbers were +1 855 306 9027, +1 316 202 5166, and +1 773 270 2818. The first one was a toll-free hotline for its US clients, the second one was a regular US number, and the third one was for international callers. The shipping options that were offered by was also captured by our source and what it had was an express courier delivery service and a registered airmail delivery. As for its accepted payment methods, honored VISA, MasterCard, Automated Clearing House (ACH), and eCheck payments on the transactions on its website. Reviews

Premium Rx Pills Customer Review

Premium Rx Pills Customer Review

The only review that was available for Premium Rx Pills was from a customer named Samir Gergis and it was made back on the 5th of March, the year 2014. It was a third-party review/complaint that Samir gave for on an independent pharmacy rating site with a score of only 1 out of 5. The reason why he gave the site such a low rating was because the meds that he ordered didn’t work. What Samir purchased from Premium Rx Pills were Stendra and Levitra pills, ED meds with dapoxetine for premature ejaculation. He contacted the customer service and got a promise that the products that he purchased would be replaced. But even after two months since that call, he still hasn’t received anything and was not very happy with his experience. Reviews 2018

Since the site of Premium Rx pills has already been closed for years, it’s highly unlikely for the site to receive any new reviews. On top of that, it seemed that not many people knew about since according to its Alexa popularity rating, it’s a website that had a rank of 14,906,835. Coupon Codes

Although the image of the site was too small for us to clearly read the writings, it can be read that it offered free shipping if one looked closely. A free shipping of orders is a good offer that helped its customers save extra but we don’t know if this was for all orders or only for purchases of certain amounts.


Premium Rx pills was an online pharmacy whose period of existence was very brief that even the web archives were unable to capture details about its website or its operations. But thankfully, some sources on the web had information about it and we managed to know a few things. Its site sold generic meds, had ED pills as bestsellers, and it had reliable phone support hotlines. For customers who desire to find trusted and tested online medicine sources on the web, please check our top list of recommended providers.