Pillsbrothers.com Review – Generic Meds at Friendly Prices

Pills Brothers was an online pharmacy whose date of establishment was unknown but appears to have ended its operations somewhere back in 2017. It was a medicine source where customers were able to buy both over the counter and prescription drugs at reasonable prices. It was a great online alternative to local pharmacies due to the great savings that its customers were able to get from its selection of medicines. But the products of Pills Brothers were not only cheap; their products were also of great quality. Since Pills Brothers was a pharmacy site that was based in India, most of its products came from renown drug manufacturers in the country. India was a country that is rich in excellent raw materials for drug production and their medicines were also recognized around the world because of their FDA-approved status. One-hundred percent of the products of Pills Brothers were generic versions of popular drug brands, giving its customers the opportunity to get the exact same effects of costly medications without spending large sums of money.

Since the products of Pills Brothers were generic medicines, the immediate benefit that its customers had were instant savings. The generic medications on the selection of Pills Brothers were up to more than 90% cheaper than those which were sold at local pharmacies. This enabled the customers not only to save their money for other important things but also helped them get as many pills as they needed for their future use. Because of its affordable price offers, many people bought their meds from Pills Brothers. Also, what made Pills Brothers special to the customers purchasing medicines from its site is that it didn’t require scripts for prescription drugs. The people were able to freely order the prescription meds that they needed and proceed to the checkout page for payments with no hassles. This gave the customers another savings opportunity as doctor appointments were also costly. It also helped them save time since doctor appointments are scheduled and lengthy, giving the customers time for other things.

Pills Brothers Medicine Categories

Pills Brothers Medicine Categories

Unlike local pharmacies that offered many medicine categories for customers to choose from, Pills Brothers only offered a few: erectile dysfunction (ED) meds, hair loss, weight loss, pain relief, and a few others. It’s not a complete online pharmacy but it only offered medicines which were frequently bought by the customers. But even though its medicine category was only limited, the products which it sold were of great quality. The category which most of its profits came from was the ED category. ED is a very common condition that affects a great number of men, especially those who are elderly. The drugs which Pills Brothers sold under ED meds were generic versions of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, the three most popular brands in the ED treatment drugs market. The local prices of these drugs are no joke. One pill of Viagra at local pharmacies can fetch for up to $91 USD per pill. For Cialis and Levitra, the prices for these ones range from $65 to $83 USD per pill. But at Pills Brothers, the generics of these drugs were all available at prices which were under $2 USD per pill.

It was such a disappointment to many customers when Pills Brothers closed down. Prior to disappearing from the web, the site didn’t make any announcement or left any notice on its website which could’ve informed its clients beforehand. Pills Brothers might have moved to a new domain or it might have had internal problems but there’s no way to know for sure. Visiting its domain name will only show a blank page to the users as its IP address has already been disabled.

Pills-brothers.com Reviews

As for user reviews, it appears that Pills-brothers.com had none. It doesn’t have a reviews section on its page which could’ve helped us find testimonials coming from its past customers. Searching the web for third-party reviews was not fruitful either, meaning that the independent pharmacy review sites don’t have any customer feedbacks for its site. Customer reviews are important because they help the readers know an online pharmacy better. Without any proper reviews, it would mean that a site had no real customers and therefore untrustworthy. The user testimonials are also a big factor for the buyers in deciding on whether to purchase from an online pharmacy or not. Bad reviews will lead customers to a decision of looking for a different online pharmacy to buy from. On the other hand, good reviews would encourage customers to go ahead and make a purchase. But if a pharmacy site had no reviews or whatsoever, it’s the same as having bad reviews because there would be no real proof if the site’s claims or guarantees were true.

Pills-brothers.com Reviews 2018

Since Pills Brothers’ date of establishment is unknown, it would not be possible to determine its real length of operation before it closed down. But according to the web archives, it’s somewhere back in 2017 where the last captures for the site were made which would lead us to think that its operations have indeed ended that year. But checking its domain name, what comes up is just a blank page which means that its IP address has already been disabled. And since this is the case, it would no longer be possible to get any new reviews for Pills Brothers. Concerning the third-party reviews, it also seems that the site had none.

Pills-brothers.com Coupon Codes

Pills Brothers Free Shipping

Pills Brothers Free Shipping

Although Pills Brothers didn’t offer any free pills or discounts to their products, it offered a worldwide free shipping for orders which will exceed $50 USD. Its purchase amount requirement is pretty low which enabled many of its customers to easily avail of this offer.


Pills Brothers was an online pharmacy based in India that sold quality generic medicines at very friendly prices. Though its medicine categories were only limited to a few items, its products were made from excellent raw materials and were approved by the FDA. But its site is no longer available as it has closed down back in 2017 for unknown reasons. Customers who are looking for other providers can check out or top list of online pharmacies.