Orderpharma.com Review - Yet to Gain Popularity Among Customers

Orderpharma.com Review – Yet to Gain Popularity Among Customers

Orderpharma.com is an online pharmacy that appears to be based in the United state. However, further research shows that this pharmacy could also be operating from Turkey. Though they have not revealed when they stated operation as a pharmacy, the 10-year anniversary image on their homepage implies that this pharmacy was established in 2008. The lead pharmaceutical products on this website areRoaccutane and Modafinil. While they offer other drugs such as; antibiotics, antidepressants, antipsychotics, contraceptives, hypertension drugs, cholesterol drugs, antipsychotics, hair loss, osteoporosis, and cholesterol drugs. I was more inclined to discovering the popular ED drugs which they offer. Unfortunately, they do not sell any ED medications. I was disappointed because it is rare for an online pharmacy to not sell drugs that treat such a popular health condition. Therefore to ascertain the cheapness of their products I checked the prices of their lead products. 20 mg Roaccutane which is used for acne treatment costs $2.14 per tablet. On the other hand, Modafinil depending on the brand you buy a 100mg pack could be as low as $89.99.

This pharmacy claims that they sell only FDA approved medications which are from reputable pharmaceutical manufacturers. Therefore, there should be nothing to worry about regarding the quality and safety of meds.

Payments for orders are made on this platform via a series of popular payment vendors. They accept Bitcoin, Mastercard, Western Union, Wire Transfer, and American Express. They ship to USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Estonia, Poland, and Nigeria via DHL World Express and it takes only 24 to 96 hours. On the other hand, they make use of EMS to ship to locations like Canada, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, South Africa etc.  and Ireland and it takes 7 to 10 days for delivery. I was able to determine that the Ems method costs $35, but I was unable to determine the cost of the DHL shipping option.

To contact this vendor’s customer care, the options of Calling their phone and filling out their contact form are open to you as they do not have a live chat service. Their USA number is 201 467 5284, their UK number is 121 288 4048, and their Australia number is +61 2 8007 5125. The image of their contact form is below, check out how it looks.

Orderpharma.com Contact Form

I have also gone in search of what their refund policy entails. And I have discovered that customers are entitled to a full refund if:

  • orders are not shipped within maximum of 5 days.
  • Failure to receive shipped orders. Note that in this case, refund request must be made after 20 days of shipping.
  • If orders fail to arrive within the specified shipment period.
  • If order is damaged. Note that in this case, you would have to return the damaged product immediately for a refund or reshipment.

Orderpharma.com Reviews

Orderpharma.com seems to have a series of customer reviews on their website, I could find only one on customer review from an independent source. The reviews on their website are good, but the review I saw on the independent website was negative. I think this says a lot about the trustworthiness of on-site reviews. Let us take a review from their website before we examine the independent review.

Orderpharma.com On-site Customer Review

This review comes from Michelle hubs. She tells us that this was her first time making use of this vendor, but she is “completely impressed”. She liked the services offered to her by this vendor. She even says she would repeat her patronage.

This review is good and speaks well of the pharmacy, just like every other customer review on their website. Let’s see what the second review from an independent source has good things to say as well.

Ordepharma.com Independent Customer Review

This independent review does not say good things about Orderpharma.com. Benuto shares experience with us. From what is said by this customer, the experience was totally bad. The pills received by this customer was ineffective and when a refund was requested they declined. This customer has this to say; “stay away from them”. This review is in total contrast with the reviews displayed in the testimonial section of their website. This pharmacy truly should not be trusted. I mean if a pharmacy is really as good as they portray on their numerous on-site testimonials, it should not be difficult finding customer reviews from independent sources.

Orderpharma.com Reviews 2018

I have not found any reviews in 2018 that would help us determine their current level of performance. Therefore, I can’t say if they are performing well or not. The reviews on their website lack date and they cannot be depended on. The lack of recent reviews has kept us in the dark regarding the current state of this pharmacy. It is, therefore, better you stay clear of them.

Orderpharma.com Coupon Codes

Price Match
Price Match

I searched for any coupon or discount offers for Orderpharma.com. Disappointingly, I saw nothing; except for the fact that they offer to do a 100% price match for any product.

So if you can get any better price for their product elsewhere, they guarantee to match the price.


Orderpharma.com seems simple in the layout of its website, it also has quite a number of payment options. Its shipment appears to be fast as well. However, the contradiction between the all positive reviews on their website and the negative review I got from an independent website begs a question as to whether they can be trusted at all. No recent feedbacks from customers in recent times despite the fact that they have been operating for up to a decade.

Deborah Casey

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