Review – Canadian Pharmacy Affiliate with Unsupported Claims about Approval Status Review – Canadian Pharmacy Affiliate with Unsupported Claims about Approval Status just as its domain address suggests was a web pharmacy that had its location in Canada. The pharmacy is not operational anymore. According to the drugstore copyright section, the pharmacy started operating in the year 2008. This drugstore indicated that its major focus was in supplying medications that buyers could afford. Its catalog had a large number of meds. The medications had already received approval from the FDA. Some of the meds that formed the drugstore catalog include anti-alcohol medications, anti-allergy meds, antidepressants, antifungal, antiparasitic, arthritis drugs, asthma meds, diabetes pills, eye care, herbals, hormones, and others.

The site was not expensive. I checked the price at which erectile dysfunction pills were being sold on the drugstore. A pill of generic Cialis was worth $0.47. Generic Cialis was being sold at a price of only $1.15. Generic Levitra was worth $1.94. Brand Viagra price was $3.21 which is extremely low when compared to the $70 local stores sell a pill of brand Viagra.

The pharmacy had been accepting payments via credit cards only. The credit cards accepted on the drugstore included Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Paying using credit cards online is the best thing since disputing charges is always possible. Pharmacies do fail to deliver meds. Therefore, having the ability to dispute charges on such occasions is always a great idea.

The pharmacy was shipping meds via 2 main methods. The only disclosed method on the pharmacy website was the International Unregistered Mail which took 2 to 3 weeks before the sent medications reached their destination. did not mention how much the method of shipping would cost the buyer.

After the meds had left the pharmacy, the pharmacy was not accepting their returns. The reason for this indicated on the pharmacy is that there was no way to guarantee that the medications being returned had been stored in a good way. The pharmacy was not accepting the return of orders whose packages had not been opened. Canceling orders was only allowed within the first 24 hours after the buyer had placed his or her order. Order requests made after 24 hours had passed were not being processed. indicated that its major goal was to make sure that their customers were satisfied 100%. The pharmacy was re-shipping and offering refunds for non-delivered products. Nothing was mentioned about defective products delivered to the buyer. did not have a live chat option. This option makes it easier for buyers to have their issues taken care of when they are ordering. The pharmacy appeared to have taken care of instant communication with the customer support department via its 2 phone numbers. These were +1 855 827 8387 (US) and +44 808 189 0216 (UK). Reviews

When trying to determine whether an online pharmacy is a great place to source your medications or not, it is great to check the drugstore testimonials. These will tell you about the experiences the pharmacy users went through. did not have external reviews. The pharmacy only had testimonials on its official website. I have captured these reviews below:

Onlinecanadianpharmacy24 User Comments

34-year-old Jane Saunders reports that the pills she received from were effective. After using the pills, she did not encounter any side effects. Fabio indicated that he managed to get a cure without having to spend a fortune. He indicated that this was worthwhile. Charlotte hinted that the pills she got from were working. She said that she knew the condition affecting her daughter took time to cure but she had already observed a worthwhile change in her daughter.

The reviews available on website did not look trustworthy. is an affiliate site and only displayed the reviews that refer to its main processing pharmacy. Also, it had a CIPA seal which indicated that it had been approved by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. However, after searching the drugstore on the CIPA website, this turned out to be not true. Generally, onsite pharmacy testimonials can easily be made up. The best reviews are usually available on third-party review-collecting websites. Reviews 2018 did not have any testimonials written by buyers in 2018. What I did is search the drugstore domain address on The results I got were exactly what I would have expected for a drugstore that provided made up information about CIPA approval in order to manipulate buyers. The pharmacy had a safety rating of only 3%. No one would want to purchase their meds from a pharmacy that has a 97% risk of losing personal information. The pharmacy appeared to have been hiding its physical location. Scam adviser failed to determine whether the actual drugstore location was in the Netherlands or in the United States. Coupon Codes

Onlinecanadianpharmacy24 Discount Offers

Online Canadian Pharmacy 24 did not have any coupon codes either on the official website or on other coupon websites. The pharmacy, however, had some offers on its website. These included the ones I have captured below:

The pharmacy was doing a price match. If a buyer managed to locate another online pharmacy selling the same meds as at a cheap price, the drugstore would match the price and also offer the buyer a 10% discount. Buyers who purchased ED meds were given free pills. Shipping through the regular delivery method was free.


Online Canadian Pharmacy 24 is a pharmacy that appears to have been offering made up information to its customers all through. The pharmacy had a CIPA seal which had been placed on its site. The pharmacy was not approved by CIPA. It had nice testimonials on its website which appeared not authentic. prices were low. Its meds were over 95% cheaper than in local pharmacies.

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