Review – A Closed Pharmacy with High Prices and a Large Number of Unhappy Clients Review – A Closed Pharmacy with High Prices and a Large Number of Unhappy Clients was an online drugstore that appeared to have had its location in Europe. The drugstore did not indicate its physical location. However, the fact that the pharmacy default currency was the Euro showed that it was most likely operating from Europe. The pharmacy is not online anymore. largely dealt with the sale of steroids. However, it also stocked other medications. These included weight loss medications, asthma pills, antidepressants, skin care, diabetes drugs, cholesterol medications, and others. The pharmacy indicated that all its meds were approved by the FDA. was not affordable. I checked the price of its generic Viagra from Ajanta pharma (Kamagra) and noticed that a single pill was worth $26.86. I didn’t need to even check the price for the other erectile dysfunction pills available on the store. I have come across other online pharmacies which sell Kamagra at a price that is over 95% cheaper than price.

The drugstore had 4 main methods of payment. Buyers could have paid for their meds using credit cards, MoneyGram, Bank to Bank transfer, and Western Union. The pharmacy was trying to make buyers pay using other methods than credit cards. The drugstore was offering their buyers a 5% discount if they used the bank to bank transfer, MoneyGram, or Western Union. Maybe this was because the pharmacy did not want their customers to have the ability to dispute their charges which they would be able to if they had paid using credit cards. did not indicate the methods of shipping they were using or the cost buyers would incur when paying for the shipment. The only thing the drugstore indicated is that they shipped medications from different locations and these products were placed in discrete packages. After the buyer had placed an order, the pharmacy processed the order within 24 to 48 hours. After the drugs had been shipped, they took approximately 7 to 21 business days before reaching the buyer.

The pharmacy did not require their customers to sign when the order got delivered. did not have a phone number, an email address, a live chat option, or even a custom contact form that buyers could have filled out and contacted the pharmacy. The only thing available on the drugstore as a method of communication was a ticketing system. For buyers to have the ability to use this system, they had to be registered on the drugstore website. Reviews

After a simple search for the testimonials written by buyers who had purchased their meds at, I managed to locate a large number of reviews. The pharmacy had numerous positive testimonials and numerous negative reviews. I have captured them below:

Norxshop User Comment

The above reviewer indicated that his product had been delivered on time. The customer support department was great with the communication. The medication he had ordered arrived well packaged and in good condition. However, after taking the pills, he did not get the feeling he was looking for. He felt the opposite. He thought he had not done enough research on the medication.

Norxshop User Feedback

The above reviewer reported that it was already too late for him. had already scammed him. He had lost $700. He wished he had seen the drugstore reviews before ordering meds from He reported that people who had been scammed by the drugstore needed to shut down the site. He also indicated that the site was owned by Reviews 2018 did not have any testimonials written in 2018 by customers. The drugstore latest testimonials had been written about 7 years ago on average. I have captured more testimonials I found for this drugstore on third-party review sites:

Norxshop Review

The above reviewer indicated that he had had success when ordering meds from a few years back. However, he had already had 4 orders seized because continued sending them from Thailand even after asking them to stop. Even after requesting to cover the captured meds, the drugstore never answered. The buyer lost thousands of dollars in the captured products. He reported that he was not going to order from the drugstore again.

Norxshop Testimonial

The above reviewer is angry with He says that it is a ripoff. He had order Arimidex from the drugstore and he got scammed. He blames himself for buying medications from the website. He reports that the pharmacy does not give back the buyer’s money and it did not deliver orders. He reports that is somehow associated with and both are steroid scams.

From all the reviews written by buyers who have sourced their meds at, it looks like trusting the drugstore would have been a bad idea. The drugstore took buyers money, refused to deliver meds and refused to refund the buyers money. This is the definition of a rogue drugstore. Coupon Codes

Although did not have coupon codes on third-party websites, the pharmacy had numerous offers on its website. I have captured them below:

Norxshop Offers

For buyers who were purchasing medications for the first time at, the drugstore was offering free shipping. Buyers were supposed to use the coupon code FIRSTTIME at checkout to have their meds shipped for free. The drugstore offered a 5% discount for WU or MG, and for all orders worth more than 650 euros. The drugstore also had seasonal coupons which ranged between 5% and 10%.

Conclusion is a closed medication shop that appears to have been closed for lacking customers after failing to retain previous clients. The drugstore has a large number of negative comments although it also had some positive reviews. The pharmacy owners appeared to have been selective since some buyers were satisfied while others weren’t. The drugstore was expensive.

Deborah Casey

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