Review - Online Drugstore not Yet Approved by Customers Review – Online Drugstore not Yet Approved by Customers is an internet drugstore which was set up in 2005 claiming to be an expert in the sale of top-rated brand and generic medications. The physical location of Generic 4 All is not known and the only information available indicates that this is an online pharmacy. There is no indication that the medications stocked have been approved by the FDA. The only assurance that customers are given is that the medications are sourced from reputable manufacturers.

All the drugs that customers will access at have been subdivided into different groups based on how they will be used. Among these are Women’s Health, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Family Health, Quit Smoking, Cholesterol, Skin Care, Antibiotics, Birth Control, and Gastric, among others. The best selling medications are listed on the homepage and they include Generic Cialis which is sold at $2.54 per pill, Generic Viagra that will cost $1.91 per pill, and Generic Levitra. These are all erectile dysfunction medications.

I looked into the erectile dysfunction medications to know if there are any brand medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The brand Viagra is in stock and will be sold at $6.13 per pill; I also found the brand Cialis and on looking at the price, I discovered that the cost of one pill is $`11.84 which is very high compared to the cost of the same pill in other online pharmacies.

The accepted modes of paying for the orders are Wire Transfer and Visa. If you wish to cancel your order, you can send a cancellation request via the email address that will be provided.

After the completion of the ordering process, you will be able to receive your drugs through the standard shipping and for this method, the order will be received in three weeks. Alternatively, the express shipping method will be used and your order will get to you in fourteen days. The express shipping method is only meant for generic medications which is contrary to what other online pharmacies prefer (using the EMS shipping method for sending brand medications). The standard shipping method is free to all destinations worldwide which will help in lowering the cost of medications.

During the handling of the order by the shipping company, there are instances where an order will be misplaced and fail to be delivered as agreed. has given their word to resend what the customer had ordered without any additional charges. The return of medications will not be allowed once the delivery has been made as it is claimed that federal laws do not allow such practices.

To reach out to, the numbers 1-877-778-3153 for anyone who lives in the US or +44 808 280 0713 for the UK residents to call the support team. There is also an option of sending a written message by filling in the contact form provided on the website. You will get a response within the shortest possible time through the email address that you will have submitted when sending in the message. Reviews

In an effort to get to know more about, I tried searching for information about what the customers who had purchased drugs from them were saying. All I was able to find was on-site client feedback. The customers are happy with the customer service team for making the process of placing their orders smooth. They are also happy that the medications were delivered on time and they did not have to spend too much on their medications.

Luis from Spain is impressed with the customer service team for being able to address all his concerns before he placed his order. He placed a small order to test the reliability of and he was happy that the delivery was made on time. He got the confidence to place huge orders twice every month and he has never been disappointed. He recommends to anyone looking for a reliable source of medications.

Marcy Fox from Israel had been afraid of purchasing from an online pharmacy as she thought that she would be scammed. She says that the cost of her medications at Generic4all is lower compared to the prices in other online pharmacies which made her think that it was a plot to scam clients. She tested them by placing a small order and was glad that the delivery was made on time. She adds that since then, she has placed more than 3 orders and she has had no problem.

Generic4allofficial Reviews

Like I always say, it is not possible to conclusively tell if the services that an online pharmacy offers are trustworthy just by referring to reviews that are owned by the pharmacy. They could be true but due to the tendency of finding false reviews from the majority of the pharmacies, we cannot make a solid conclusion. reviews 2018

The recent reviews about the services offered by are also on their website and they are positive. The customers appreciate the delivery of effective medications though they complain that the medications took a longer time.

Samantha from Canada was anxious about buying his medications online as he thought he would get fake medications. He decided to try to know if the medications would be effective and whether the delivery would be done on time. Once the medications were delivered, he checked with his doctor and was happy that the medications were authentic. He says that buying medications from Generic 4 All was the best decision and this is the reason he keeps ordering.

Jurgen from Austria was afraid of buying medications from an online pharmacy especially those are located far from his place of residence. He is happy that he made the decision to purchase from as the medications sold were the same as the medications sold in local pharmacies.

Generic4allofficial Reviews claims to be a trusted source of drugs by displaying positive reviews purported to be from their customers. Because we cannot verify if these reviews are real, no conclusive report can be given about it. Coupon Codes

There are a few discounts that customers will get from the purchase of medications from

All orders will be delivered for free using the regular shipping method. There are also selected packages that customers who buy them will get free pills. In the table below, the customers who purchase 30 pills and 60 pills will get 2 pills.

Free Shipping Offer
Free Shipping Offer

Conclusion is yet another pharmacy whose location is not known. Their live chat option is also not functional despite the indication that it is online. I searched for independent reviews from customers but there was none which means we cannot determine if customers will get their orders and if the medications will be effective.

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