Review – Only Managed to Operate for Five Months Review – Only Managed to Operate for Five Months

Generic Top Pharmacy was an online drugstore that gave many people a chance to experience the same great effects of branded drugs without them having to spending large amounts of money. Generic Top Pharmacy promoted the use of generic medicines to its customers because in these drugs were the same active ingredients as their branded counterparts but when it came to pricing, these were much more affordable. The generic meds which were sold by Generic Top Pharmacy were so cheap that its customers only spent less than 10% of their money that they used to spend purchasing meds at the local drugstores. This gave its customers the opportunity to save great amounts of money while being able to purchase sufficient quantities of the meds that they needed.

As an online pharmacy that only sold generic medications, Generic Top Pharmacy boasted of high-quality generic meds. Its site only sourced products from pharmaceutical companies that have strictly observed international quality standards in drug production. All of its meds were also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as effective and safe for use, a guarantee that gave its customers peace of mind. The drug manufacturers where Generic Top Pharmacy imported its products from were located in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, India, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. The prices of medicines in these countries were regulated by their own governments, making them affordable for the benefit of their own population. But what Generic Top Pharmacy did was it imported meds from these countries and made them available on its site for ordering so that its clients from countries with high and unregulated drug prices would also have the privilege to get big savings.

But it’s unfortunate that the service of Generic Top Pharmacy was short-lived as it site closed down after just a short amount of time selling meds on the web. The first capture that was made by the web archives’ crawler on Generic Top Pharmacy’s site was made back in August of 2015 and the last one was made back in January of 2016. All in all, Generic Top Pharmacy only had five (5) months of selling affordable and effective generic meds on the web. No one knows the reason why it closed down or why it simply disappeared as it left no announcement or notice on its website that could’ve informed its customers beforehand. In other words, Generic Top Pharmacy just ceased to exist without warning. In visiting its domain name, what will only show is a blank page that says the site cannot be reached due to the reason that its IP address couldn’t be found. This only means one thing and that is Generic Top Pharmacy’s IP has already been disabled by its service provider. Many of its customers were surprised by this event but there was nothing more that can be done to get its site back online. It might be due to an internal issue that made its owners decide to close its site down but no one really knows.

It’s just regrettable that a good online pharmacy like Generic Top Pharmacy would just disappear from the web as it was a place that also had a decent selection of drugs for various health needs. Yes, its bestsellers were drugs that were used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) but it also sold medicines for asthma, allergies, heart diseases, depression, weight loss, smoking cessation, microbial infections, infertility, anxiety, diabetes, arthritis, and many others. Prescriptions were also not a requirement on purchasing prescription meds on its website, something that made medicine purchase an effortless and easy experience to its customers. Reviews

The 5-month lifespan of Generic Top Pharmacy on the web didn’t seem to be sufficient for the site to get third-party reviews from the customers that purchased meds from its site. Third-party user reviews are the ones that we are looking for to be used for user review analysis as these reviews are genuine and unabridged, unlike onsite reviews which were possibly fabricated or edited to serve the interests of the site where they can be found. But it appears that we would have no other option but to use the user reviews from the site of Generic Top Pharmacy as there were no other reviews that could be found for it.

Generic Top Pharmacy Customer Reviews
Generic Top Pharmacy Customer Reviews

A score of five stars was given by Kevin Logan, a customer of Generic Top Pharmacy that gave a review for the site. The reason for the review that he wrote was simply to inform Generic Top Pharmacy that he already received his orders. He also looked forward to doing business again with the site in the future.

The reason for the review that was given by Jenny Schuster was simply to give thanks to Generic Top Pharmacy for the help that she has received. She also added that she would be recommending the site to anyone who asks.

Same as Kevin Logan, Eliot Wilson also gave a review for Generic Top Pharmacy just to let the site know that he has already received his orders. Along with thanking the site, he also said that he would be recommending its site to people who wanted to get a fair deal on medical supplies. Reviews 2018

The reviews from above were taken from the vaults of the web archives as Generic Top Pharmacy’s site is already closed. This also means that it’s already impossible for new reviews to be made for the site as it’s technically non-existent. Coupon Codes

Generic Top Pharmacy Free Pills & Free Express Deliveries
Generic Top Pharmacy Free Pills & Free Express Deliveries

Regardless of the total amount of the products that its customers have ordered, Generic Top Pharmacy gave away free ED pills with each order made by its clients. It also offered free express delivery for those people whose orders have exceeded the amount of $300 USD.


Generic Top Pharmacy was a decent online pharmacy that only managed to operate for five (5) months and after that, closed down without any notice or explanations. It was quite a disappointment to its clients as it sold meds at low prices and had top-quality products. For other reliable online pharmacies that are still available, check our list of top recommended providers.

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