Review – No One Knows the Reason Why It Closed Down

Friendly Clinic was an online pharmacy that served customers all over the world by making a huge range of generic medicines available on its website. Its assortment of meds was not as comprehensive as what the local pharmacies had but it offered the most frequently bought and used drugs on its selection of medicines. All in all, it only had a total of thirty-seven (37) different medicine categories with hundreds of different medicines under them. Among these medicine categories were drugs that were used for health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, urinary tract infection (UTI), arthritis, cancer, HIV, and many others. It also sold anticonvulsants, birth control pills, muscle relaxants, smoking cessation drugs, antibiotics, skin care products, and erectile dysfunction (ED) pills which was its most popular products back in the day.

Unfortunately, Friendly Clinic is no longer available as an online pharmacy or even as a website. It used to be an online medicine source with a large number of customers but somewhere along the line, something came up that forced its owners to close it down. No one knows exactly what this reason for its closing down is as it didn’t even leave a notice that informed its customers about the status of its operations. It simply disappeared and after some time, a notice which said that its account as a domain has been suspended due to being overused or that the owners of the site ran out of resources. This now gives us a lead that its contract to its domain provider might have expired and that it no longer renewed its contract.

Friendly Clinic Account Suspended

Friendly Clinic Account Suspended

The disappearance of Friendly Clinic was such a disappointment to many of its clients as it was a site that sold medicines at very low prices. Back when it was still in operation, it sold meds at prices which were more than 90% cheaper than what the local pharmacies had. But there was really no mystery behind its generous price offers as Friendly Clinic specialized in selling generic medicines. The generic meds that Friendly Clinic sold were all approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and had the exact same formulation, effectiveness, and potency as their branded counterparts. Apart from their low prices, the only difference that these generic medicines had with their branded equivalents was their manufacturers. But when it came to quality, performance, and route of administration, the generic meds were on par with the brand-name medications.

Aside from the big savings that they got, what the buyers loved about Friendly Clinic was the fact that its site didn’t require them to provide scripts whenever they bought prescription drugs. Customers were able to purchase their prescription drugs freely from its site without faxing or emailing scripts and waiting for approval. Shoppers were able to immediately proceed to the checkout page with their prescription medicine orders providing Friendly Clinic no information other than their payment details and shipping address. But even though scripts were not a requirement in purchasing meds from its site, Friendly Clinic still recommended its customers to consult their doctors before using the meds that they have bought. This was for the users to be safe from any harm that may be caused by wrong use or administration of their purchased drugs.

To provide assistance to its customers, Friendly Clinic also gave support hotlines for their clients to call just in case they needed help with anything regarding its products or its website. The hotline that it gave to its clients from the US was +1 866 417 5821 and for those who were from the UK, its hotline was +4420 3011 0298. Its site also had a live chat option where customers who needed help got real-time support from its chat support representatives who were ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reviews

As for user reviews, it’s surprising that Friendly Clinic didn’t seem to have any on the web. There were some website reviews for its site that appeared on the search results but regarding solid and concrete third-party user reviews for its site, there were none. It’s hard to find an explanation for this especially if we have no real knowledge about the reason of its disappearance. A guess would be that the site might not have been very popular among users. This is because unpopular sites really don’t have reviews since they’re rarely visited. We could also speculate that since it’s already a while since Friendly Clinic has closed down, the sites that might have had its reviews have updated their database and the old reviews have already been deleted.

User reviews are pretty important for an online pharmacy since it reflects their true image. If they were what they really claimed they were, it would reflect in the comment of the customers. And since Friendly Clinic has neither third-party user reviews or onsite testimonials, there would be no way for us to know what kind of online pharmacy it really was back when it was still on the web. Reviews 2018

If Friendly Clinic didn’t have any user reviews back when it still existed, all the more that it wouldn’t have any reviews now that it’s closed. It’s still surprising that the site didn’t get reviewed even by a single customer and there were no reviews for its site at all; either negative or positive reviews. Coupon Codes

Friendly Clinic Free Shipping

Friendly Clinic Free Shipping

If the free shipping that was offered by Friendly Clinic was subject to conditions or not, there would be no way for us to know for certain due to the very limited information about its website that was already closed. Maybe we can take this guarantee as it was, free shipping for all orders regardless of the amount.


No one knows the reason why Friendly Clinic closed its pharmacy site down but it was a big loss to many of its customers because of its cheap medicine prices and quality products. Its site existed for a decent amount of time on the web but it is without any reviews, preventing us from knowing more about its site and its services from its customer’s point of view. Other decent online pharmacies can be found on our list of recommended providers.