Extra-Meds.Com Review – A Seized Pharmacy Offering Numerous Meds at Fair Prices

Extra-Meds.Com was a pharmacy that had been operating online for over a decade before its domain address was seized. As more people learn that they can actually source the same medications they had been sourcing in the local pharmacies at far cheaper prices, the Big Pharma is losing its customers. The Big Pharma is not liking the idea of having to keep their meds while people still need medications. The brand drug manufacturers have discovered that the reason they are not selling meds to many people as they used to is that there are online pharmacies selling the same meds they are selling but at prices which are over 90% cheaper.

The only way these local pharmacies can force people to order their meds from them again is to eliminate their other options. The Big Pharma has been using the help of security agencies to capture the online pharmacies domain addresses using fake excuses. For example, Extra-Meds.Com has already been captured under the reason that it had been trafficking counterfeit medications.

Extra-Meds.Com was not a pharmacy itself but a website that was being used for affiliate marketing. This means that a large drugstore was using this site to get more customers. When orders were placed on this drugstore, the big online drugstore which owned this site would process the orders and then ship medications.

The pharmacy had a quite extensive catalog. The meds I found on the drugstore catalog include Mental disorder medication, hypertension medication, cardiovascular disease medications, skin care products, diabetes meds, diuretics, asthma pills, and others. The store was only selling FDA-Approved medications. The most popular pills on the drugstore were the ones used for treating erectile dysfunction. I decided to determine whether the store is affordable by checking the price of the ED pills. The pharmacy had fair prices. A pill of generic Viagra was worth 0.81 dollars while Generic Cialis was being sold at a price of 1.29 dollars. The medications were being paid for using credit cards only. The store was only selling generic medications sourced in India.

The medications were shipped directly from India using either Express International Mail or Standard International Mail. The pharmacy was not clear about the amount of money a buyer would expect to pay for his or her medications. The shipping payment varied depending on the country of destination, the number of products a buyer had ordered and the shipping option the buyer chose. Orders sent via the standard international mail were taking approximately 2 to 3 weeks. Once medications had left the drugstore, the pharmacy was not accepting any returns. The pharmacy was not clear on whether it provided free re-shipping of damaged packages or packages which never reached the buyer. Order canceling was not available on the drugstore.

Contacting Extra Meds appeared to have been extremely easy. The drugstore had three phone numbers and a live chat option. Their regular phone number was +1 646 205 2937, the US toll-free number was +1 866 417 5821, their UK number was +44 203 011 0298.

Extra-Meds.Com Reviews

Based on what the security organizations had stated as the basis of seizing the Extra-Meds.Com domain address, I was expecting to find a large number of complaints regarding Extra-Meds.Com. However, I could not find any negative reviews for the drugstore. Also, I could not locate any testimonials for the drugstore on external review collecting sites. The reviews I have captured below were available on the Extra Meds official website:


Extra-Meds.Com Reviews

Paul reports that he received his product. He wanted to thank the company. Carmel got kind and quick help from Extra-Meds.Com. KW reports that the pills he got from Extra-Meds.Com were fantastic. They did not have any negative side effects. Steven says that he everything appreciates about Extra-Meds.Com.

It is important to note that some online drug stores usually create fake testimonials in order to fool customers. Therefore, believing every testimonial you find on an official pharmacy website is not a great idea. There is a possibility that the reviews which were available on Extra Meds website had been created by the pharmacy management to lure in customers.

Extra-Meds.Com Reviews 2018

The drugstore did not have any 2018 reviews. The reviews I have captured below were also available on its official website. As I have mentioned above, you should take them with a grain of salt. They may have been fake reviews created to aid with marketing:


Extra-Meds.Com User Testimonials

Santos implies that Extra-Meds.Com was great. His Cialis arrived earlier than he was expecting. Romero reports that the meds he got from Extra-Meds.Com worked perfectly. He recommends Extra meds and also says that he would recommend it. Mike reports that his full order had been delivered as always. The last reviewer says that he had received his wonderful Viagra.

Extra-Meds.Com Coupon Codes

Buyers who tried to search for coupon codes which they could use at Extra Meds could not find any. However, just like most of the online pharmacies, the store was offering some special offers on its website. I have captured these offers below:


Extra-Meds.Com Offers

First-time buyers were being offered some free pills to try out so that they could decide whether they wanted to commit to paying for the meds. All buyers were eligible to get an 8% discount on all their orders.


Extra Meds appears to have been a pharmacy that buyers could have trusted. The store was offering medications at an affordable price. Also, the store had an 8% discount. Since buyers were required to pay only using credit cards, this means that they could have disputed their charges if their meds failed to arrive. The only thing which could have made the drugstore unattractive is the fact that it lacked proven testimonials. The drugstore is not online anymore. Its domain address has been captured due to the efforts of the big pharma which is trying to eliminate cheap online pharmacies so that it can keep selling expensive medications.