Review – Its Disappearance a Huge Loss to Many Review – Its Disappearance a Huge Loss to Many is an online pharmacy that existed from 2006 until 2017. It had a good 11 years in selling quality medicines on the web before its site was seized. It came as a shock to many people on why has been seized since it is a licensed online pharmacy. On its site, it proudly discloses is license number to its clients which is 4208-MIII-21B. The sites which are being seized usually are the ones that are operating illegally or sites that were involved in fraudulent activities. But as for a legally-operating pharmacy site like with legit and genuine products, people can’t help but wonder why such a reliable online medicine source would be forcefully shut down. even had a physical address meaning that it is not a fraud online pharmacy that hides its true domain location from its clients. Its location is at 60 Windsor Avenue, London, SW19 2RR United Kingdom and it even had an office at Cyprus whose address is 77 Strovolos Avenue, Strovolos Center, Office 204, 2018 Strovolos, Nicosia.

Addresses of Eurodrugstore
Addresses of

Many suspect that the reason why was seized is because it was such a reliable source of quality and affordable medicines. It has a wide market reach in Europe, catering to customers from different countries in the European Union such as France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, and many others. even shipped medicines to the United States which means that customers from the US find its medicines cheap as the prices of medications there are unregulated by the government. Like many other online pharmacies like itself, might have had a great number of customers that it became such a force that significantly decreased the number of customers buying their meds from the local pharmacies. Because of this, large corporate drugstores who lost their customer shares have launched an operation, a campaign to shut these online sources down. With the help of the FDA and various other international government agencies, this operation was a success, putting out of business.

This was a great loss to many of the customers of as it was such a reliable online pharmacy. It did not guarantee its customers that they would get their medicines at low prices but the store had the confidence to assure their clients that what they would be getting are meds of great quality. Even if didn’t promise affordable prices to their customers, the medicine prices on its site are 80% to 90% cheaper than those drugs which are sold locally. It’s not easy to find trustworthy medicine sources on the web because of the constantly increasing number of fake online stores that’s why the disappearance of had such a great impact to many people depending on it. But since the site is already gone, there’s no more that can be done to get it back. had such a wide range of pharmaceutical products that its selection of drugs can even be compared to those that the local pharmacies had. It had a vast category of meds available for every need, providing customers with many options to choose from. But just like at local pharmacies, prescriptions were required from customers who will be buying meds from them. Without scripts, didn’t sell their clients any prescription meds. On its website, its customers were also required to sign up for an account for them to check their purchases out. Without an account, customers will only be able to see the available medicines but not be able to buy them. Users have to first register an account with and only then will they be able to purchase their needed drugs as anonymous or guest purchases are not allowed on its site. Reviews

For Siegfried Heller, shopping at was a terrific experience as he had no problems with the arrival of his orders. He gave the site a 5-star score and commented that everything was fine with his experience and that the store was a reliable source. The review that he has given was dated at 31st of December, the year 2015.

Eurodrugstore Review

But for a customer of named Amarilis, the customer service of the site is not efficient and that’s the reason why he only gave it a score of three (3) stars. He was disappointed with the fact that the only contact means offered by the site is only through email and fax and there was no phone number provided by the store for its customers to call.

Eurodrugstore Review
Eurodrugstore Review

Amarilis also said that he had to send a hundred emails just to get updates about his order’s shipment and to get its tracking number. The information that he got was that the orders from were shipped 15 days after payment and packages bound to the UK only takes 4 days of wait time through a courier service.

Eurodrugstore User Review

What Andre from Sweden complains about was its inconsistent service. He said that he has never been cheated by the store but its reliability and customer service is not to be desired. He only gave the site a rating of 2 stars. Reviews 2018

Since it’s already been a long time since has been closed, there are no longer any new reviews for it. The only reviews that can be retrieved for the site are the old ones such as the reviews earlier and any newer reviews can no longer be made. Coupon Codes

When it was still operating as an online pharmacy, offered no discounts or freebies to their customers which could’ve given them additional savings. What it offered are only affordable prices for its products and more than that offer, there’s nothing more that gave. The site could’ve at least offered incentives to its clients such as returning customer discounts or bulk purchase discounts to compensate them for their patronage.


There’s nothing more that could be said for except for the fact that its disappearance was a huge loss to many of its clients who have learned to depend on the site for their drug needs. But is not the only source on the web for quality and low-priced meds as customers can check our top recommended providers for other better options.

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