Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Review - Too Many Promises with No Back-Up Reviews

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Review – Too Many Promises with No Back-Up Reviews

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com was a 9-year-old internet pharmacy that closed down recently. They offered medicines from India and according to their website, all medicines offered here were compliant to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. These offered medicines were also Indian FDA approved. Apparently, a search to this web store leads to canada-choice pharmacy.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com is an internet drugstore that is dedicated to giving men with erectile dysfunction the chance to be treated without facing embarrassment. This internet shop offers medications that are known for treating men with ED. Among the medicines they offer are Pro Viagra, Procalis, Max Viagra, trial packs for erectile dysfunction treatment, softV Softabs, and SoftCialo Softabs.

Information regarding their locations and the start date of operation are not available on the website. However, on their website, they claim to be the number 1 supplier of ED medicines in Europe and North America with more than 700,000 customers served. They also claim to have 80% refill levels, which means that 80% of their customers are returning customers.

As a men’s health store, their offers are brands of ED medicines. They offer Pro Viagra for $0.88 per tablet and Procalis for $0.91 per tablet. They also offer Max Viagra for $0.88 per tablet. For their trial packs, they offer three different ED tablets for only $1.04 per combination.

If you will try to order from this store, it will redirect you to canada-choice pharmacy and you can notice how they market their products. For example, the regular price of Pro Viagra is $2.33 yet if you will order at least 60 tablets, you can get it for $1.66 per tablet. Order at least 120 pills and pay only $1.25 per tablet while the advertised $0.88 per pill price is possible if you will order at least 360 tablets. Although it is a marketing strategy, it means that you can only get each medicine at a very low price if you will order in bulk. The good news is, if you will order in bulk, you will become eligible to other promotions such as free pills (the more tablets you order, more free pills to have) and free shipping. For Pro Viagra, if you will order a pack of 360 tablets, each pill costs $0.88, you will get 120 free pills and it will be delivered to your home free of charge.

When it comes to shipping, orders above $150 are eligible for free shipping. Easy to Use Pharmacy has two shipping methods to offer. You can have your order delivered via Registered Mail for $14.95 or have it delivered via Express Mail for $24.95. For Registered Mail, the delivery time takes up to 30 days while Express Mail takes up to 15 days. Express Mail is free on all orders above $300. We found this data after being redirected to canada-choice pharmacy.

For each medicine, this e-store offers information such as available dosages, promotions for the said medicine, product testimonials, basic information and guarantee, and use.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com has two office addresses, one in the US and one in the UK. Their UK address is at 441 Lancelot St, London while their US address is at 47 Glendale Ter, Suite 78a, Tucson, Arizona. If you need to contact this e-store, you can dial 1-800-203-1070. You can send them an email to thru their contact us page as well.

Easy-to-use pharmacy

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com has a live chat support team but after checking it at different times, their live support remained offline.

All orders can be paid with a credit card and for their refund policy, you need not worry as this e-store offers a 100% money back guarantee. Customers are also allowed to return their received package as a part of their satisfaction guarantee. In case you have an issue, it is best to contact their support team immediately.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Reviews

The information about Easy-to-use-pharmacy is impressive or probably because it redirected as to canada-choice pharmacy. To check if any of their offers are good, we searched for customer reviews but found none from third-party websites. We did find some from on-site testimonials.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Reviews


One of the reviews we found was from Sam of London. Sam said that the pill he ordered worked well and had him up and running for up to 90 minutes.

The second reviews were shared by Chris who shared how Soft Tabs worked well for him. He said he stopped using Viagra after learning about Soft Tabs. For the third review, we found one from Glen of Belfast who praised the prompt delivery of his SoftCialo pill. He added that the pill worked great.

These three reviews are from the on-site testimonial page of Easy-to-use-pharmacy and as of this writing, we don’t consider such as reliable reviews.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Reviews 2018

Since most reviews for Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com are from their testimonial page, we searched for reviews from this year from third-party review websites. Unfortunately, we are unable to find any reviews. Without a reliable customer review, we cannot guarantee the reliability of this internet dispensary.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com Coupon Codes

As we were redirected to canada-choice pharmacy, for this month of July, we found that easy-to-use-pharmacy offered a special to its customers. The offer gives free pills on all orders and free shipping depending on the worth of product purchased. Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com has not released a coupon code though, only promotions that can entice customers to order from them.


Visitors of easy-to-use-pharmacy.com might find themselves redirected to the canada-choice pharmacy hence most information are from canada-choice pharmacy.

Easy-to-use-pharmacy.com is an internet drugstore that seems to be based in Canada. The medicines they offer are generic brands that are Food and Drug Administration approved according to their FAQ page. They also said that these medicines are safe to use.

Among the offers of easy-to-use-pharmacy are low-cost erectile dysfunction medicines, same day shipping, and phone and chat support, and discreet packaging. Among the things we find questionable are their live chat support that is always offline and their fake customer reviews that can be found on their testimonial page. We are also wondering as to why they did not disclose their start date and location (despite providing two office addresses). For now, we cannot guarantee the reliability of easy-to-use-pharmacy.com and we hope to see some visible third-party reviews in the future.

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