Dpharmacyusa.com Review - One of the Sources of Affordable Erectile Dysfunction Drugs In The US in The Past

Dpharmacyusa.com Review – One of the Sources of Affordable Erectile Dysfunction Drugs In The US in The Past

Dpharmacyusa.com was a US online pharmacy that is no longer active. This website is redirecting its traffic to kwikmed. Based on the information we found from the web archive, this e-store started operating in 2003 but they closed down and changed the domain in 2014. This American online drugstore was run by PCM Venture I, LLC and they had an office address at PO Box 6593, Scottsdale, Arizona.

The medicines offered by D Pharmacy USA were mostly for men such as erectile dysfunction medicines for men and hair loss treatment. According to their homepage, they offered medicines that were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and that were HIPAA compliant. They also said that they had 100,000 customers and that they were successful in protecting the information and privacy of these customers.

For the medicines they offered, they had Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, Propecia, and Chantix. The information about these medicines is no longer available such as the dosages they offer, the pricing, and the manufacturers.

For all orders, they required a signature upon delivery. They also offered next day delivery via FedEx provided that the order was made before 1 in the afternoon, Mountain Standard Time. Orders that were placed on Friday and weekends are processed the following business day (Monday) unless it is a holiday. Dpharmacyusa.com served US customers only. Customers were given the option to pick up their orders at the nearest FedEx office as well if they wanted to.

During their operation, they do not require their customers to present a prescription. If a customer has a question back then, they just have to talk to one of their US licensed physicians first before making an order. All orders were shipped and delivered in a discreet packaging.

Although Dpharmacyusa.com partnered with Pfizer, Bayer, Healthcare, GSK, Eli Lilly, and Watson Laboratories, they assure their customers that the medicines they offed were affordable. They did not accept insurance for payment though.

For questions regarding the service offered by Dpharmacyusa.com, they created a phone support team that customers can reach via 866 460 1925. Their phone support team was available from six in the morning until eight in the evening on weekdays and from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon on Saturdays. On Sundays, the team was available from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. Their customers can also send them an email message to [email protected]

As a law-abiding store, pharmacyusa.com didn’t allow the return of their medicines once it was taken out for delivery. For queries, it was always best to contact the support team of Dpharmacyusa.com. On their FAQ page, they even encouraged their customers to send feedback and comment with an assurance that all emails and calls are entertained carefully.

Dpharmacyusa.com Reviews

With a history that traces back to 2003, we are surprised to find no reviews for Dpharmacyusa.com. There are third-party websites that wrote a review for this e-dispensary and they also mentioned the lack of customer reviews of Dpharmacyusa.com Reviews.

For an online business to last or thrive, customer reviews play an important role. We are surprised to see an e-dispensary that lasted for more than a decade and yet they did not have any customer feedback. We checked online forums as well to no avail. Could the lack of feedback be the reason why this e-store changed from Dpharmacyusa.com to kwikmed.com?

Dpharmacyusa.com Reviews 2018

For being out of service for the past few years, we are unable to find customer reviews for Dpharmacyusa.com for 2018. This was not a surprise to think that they didn’t even have a review from the last ten years when they were still operating.

Dpharmacyusa.com Coupon Codes

During their run from 2003 to 2014, we are unable to find coupon codes that Dpharmacyusa might have released. They didn’t offer any perks or promotions as well. Their captured pages on the web archive didn’t have anything that shows special promotion or discount. This could mean that they sell their medicines at a regular price. However, our source is limited as well and perhaps Dpharmacyusa released some perks before but are just no longer retrievable.

Coupon codes, perks, and discounts are often used by online stores in order to attract new customers. It is their way of winning new customers that might be shopping for a good store to trust.


Dpharmacyusa.com was a web drugstore that offered erectile dysfunction medicines and some men medications like hair loss treatment (Propecia). The credit card for payment such as Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx. They also have two methods of shipping such as FedEx and USPS. This e-store serviced customers in the US only.

The operation of Dpharmacyusa.com lasted for more than a decade. We are surprised to see an e-store that lasted for a decade despite not having a single customer review. Their offers are generic and branded medicines according to a third-party review website. Their banner products were their branded medicines such as Pfizer’s Viagra and Lilly’s Cialis. We also noticed a Pharmacy Checker logo on their website with a date of May 16, 2014.

For a website backed up with long years of experience, it would have been great if they have customer reviews to prove their reliability. Since Dpharmacyusa had changed to a different domain name, we will stick with our initial assumption that this is a good pharmacy but they need to prove their reliability by having reliable customer reviews. As they are sending all visitors to kwikmed.com, we hope to see better activities from their customers such and that includes customer reviews posted from a third-party review website.

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