Review - A Cyprus-Based Online Pharmacy Tracked by Europol Review – A Cyprus-Based Online Pharmacy Tracked by Europol was an online pharmacy that was closed down by Europol thru the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII. With the domain seized by the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII, we are unable to find any information for this e-store.

To get some data for Cliopharma, we decided to check the web for third-party review websites. Based on the information we read from these review sites, here are the things that we learned about Cliopharma:

  • started in 2006
  • was based in Cyprus, Greece
  • served customers worldwide and the offered to deliver worldwide
  •’s bestselling product was erectile dysfunction brands
  • claimed to offer FDA approved medicines only
  • offered two shipping methods internationally, EMS and Regular Airmail
  • offered guaranteed shipping
  • accepted credit card for payment

Why Was Targeted by Europol

Europol and the Homeland Security along with other enforcement agencies around the world created a group that targeted online pharmacies. Their targets are mostly e-stores that offer not approved and substandard medicines. They named their operation as Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII. Prior to the launch of Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic Operation Pangea VII was also headed by the Interpol in 2014. The said operation led to the closure of more than one thousand online pharmacies and seizure of more than $31 million worth of fake medicines. To date, Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII is said to have caused the closure of hundreds of online pharmacies that are unauthorized and unregulated.

Although the reason behind these operations is admirable, some are saying that another reason why these agencies are cracking down online pharmacies is that they are receiving funds from large pharmaceutical companies. Large pharmaceutical companies are slowly losing their hold in the drug market because of cheap generic medicines sold online hence they want to control it. This might be true because is not the first online pharmacy to be shut down without reason. Visitors to the website will just see the seize notification without explanation. Reviews

To determine whether the Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII and the Europol did the right thing in closing down a website, we decided to check for customer reviews. Luckily, we are able to find some customer reviews. Here are some of them.

Cliopharma Reviews

In 2015, lyander shared that didn’t have the medicine he needs citing out of stock as the reason. He gave the store a 2-star rating. Tomarmor said in 2017 that he received fast and great help from the store but gave it a 1.5 rating.

In 2016, another 1.5 rating was given to by corpsedeath even after writing ‘excellent’ on the comment box.

A 4.5 rating was given to this e-store by Shamtastica after leaving a comment that says ‘awesome.’

In 2016, two bad reviews were also given to A two-star rating was awarded by nameit saying that the e-store did a great job while a single star rating was provided by shake weight. She weight even thanked the store for some reasons.

T sum it up, this e-store had an average rating of 2-stars yet most of the comments are good. No one left a negative review, just very low ratings. No one mentioned about fake medicines or counterfeit products as well. However, no one mentioned about receiving good products too hence we cannot determine whether the drugs they were dispensing were, in fact, real or not. Reviews 2018

With being closed for some time now, we are unable to find any customer reviews this year. Without reviews, we decided to check for any coupon codes or perks that the store might have released in the past. Coupon Codes

Cliopharma Coupon Codes

We are surprised to see a coupon code for that was released as of this writing. It looks like the coupon code is updated every day because the expiration date indicates today’s date.

The coupon code they have released was for a 5% off on total bill. The code was 40524EA1. With the website being down, we are unable to test if the said coupon code works or not.

Conclusion was an internet drugstore that operated in Greece in 2006. We are unable to obtain the date when Europol shut it down. If you will visit this website, you will find a warning from Europol indicating that the website had been seized and closed down.

One of the many reasons why Europol closed down a website or an online pharmacy is because it is suspected of marketing counterfeit medicines. Europol said that among the most common fake medicines marketed online include dietary supplements, pain relief medicines, erectile dysfunction pills, and psychotic medications. Since online pharmacies can hide their location by masking their IP address, the Europol and Operation In Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII partnered with other organizations to track down illegal online pharmacies.

With the information we collected about, we can say that this could be a legit online pharmacy and they were able to deliver medicines to their customers. One of the third-party review websites we found says that they offer generic ED medicines for as low as $1 per pill. Perhaps the price is too affordable hence they were picked by large pharma companies. Still, the possibility that the Europol found some illegal substances or counterfeit drugs on their shelves is high hence they were shut down.

If you are planning to order your medicine online, make sure to deal with legit online pharmacies only. Be vigilant and exhaust all information first before concluding if an e-store deserves your trust or not.

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