Review - An Inactive Online Pharmacy Review – An Inactive Online Pharmacy was an online pharmacy that was a member of an affiliate-marketing website according to their page. This web store is no longer operating and with the limited information, we gathered from the web archive, we are unable to obtain information about its location, the date it started and the date when it closed down.

Based on the data we found from the web archive, this internet drugstore offered a long list of medications during their run. They offered medicines that can treat alcoholism, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, inflammation, allergies, convulsion, fungal infection, parasitism, viral infection, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and high sugar level. They also offered drugs that can treat a migraine, obesity, osteoporosis, urinary tract problem, men’s health, women’s health, and skin care. The medicines they were offering were from Indian pharmaceutical companies. On their website, it says the drugs they offered were Indian FDA approved.

Since they mentioned that the medicines they offered were from India, we are no longer surprised upon seeing the long list of erectile dysfunction brands they offer. It looks like they have at least 30 brands of ED medicines, all from India. All orders were shipped out from India.

The cheapest ED medicine they offered was a generic Viagra for $0.69 per tablet. They also offered generic Levitra for $2.02 per pill and generic Cialis for $1.75 per tablet. One of the expensive medicines they had was Caverta that costs $7.42 per pill and Super Avana at $10.12 per tablet. Forzest was also a bit expensive at $6.25 per tablet. They also offered other brands such as Silvitra, generic Levitra Super Active, generic Levitra Super Force, generic Levitra Soft, generic Viagra Strips, Viagra Super Floux Force, Zenegra, Silagra, Tadacip, Intagra, Sildalis, and Tadalift.

Classic Pharmacy accepted a single mode of payment and it was a credit card. There were two shipping methods offered and these were Express International Mail and Standard International Airmail. The Standard International Airmail costs $10 while Express International Mail costs $20 more. The difference in the delivery time was about 11 days as EMS is delivered within 9 days while the other is delivered within 21 days. Express International Mail is trackable.

For delayed and damaged orders, customers of were advised to contact their support team at 1 800 532 4808, 718 475 9088 or 44 203 011 0241. Custom delays might during delivery hence consumers of this e-store were often advised to have a 5-day grace period before calling the support team to report missing or lost orders. If proven true, Classic-pharmacy will reship the order free of charge. Reviews

Since Classic-Pharmacy is no longer operating, our goal is to check if this e-store had been reliable during its operation. After searching for third-party review websites, we stumbled with nothing and just relied on these on-site customer reviews.

Classic-pharmacy Reviews

The first customer feedback that we found was shared by Mark who thanked the store for sending him the missing package and the bonus pills from his previous order. He also thanked the support team for the follow-up and for ensuring that the missing package reached him.

Stewart’s story was the second testimony we found and according to him, he was happy with the effect of the medicine he ordered from Stewart said that what he received was a life-changing product, as it was not just effective, it was also affordable.

For the last review, we found one from Glenn who ordered generic Viagra. He expressed his satisfaction with the service saying that what he received were awesome. Overall, Glenn was happy.

These reviews revealed the positive qualities of Classic-pharmacy as an online pharmacy. The customers were happy and satisfied and were talking about the effective medicines they paid at a very low price. We could have used it as a reliable source of information for this article yet, for now, we cannot say we believe them because these are found on the testimonial page alone of Classic-pharmacy. Reviews 2018

As we prefer third-party reviews when looking at an internet drug store’s reliability, we decided to check for new customer reviews for Classic-pharmacy. We exhausted all possible sources but found none so we decided to check their new testimonials.

Classic-pharmacy Reviews 2018

For their newer reviews, we found reviews from David and Mark. David said in his review that he will definitely order again from this e-store after receiving and trying his first order. David said that the medicine he received made him feel 18 again.

The second review we found was from Mark who said that his order arrived on time and that he was happy with the service of Classic Pharmacy.

Both reviews were on-site customer reviews, as well hence we cannot say that this e-store was a reliable online pharmacy. On-site reviews are mostly untrusted and might be written by websites’ owners. Coupon Codes

Classic-pharmacy Bonuses

During their operation, Classic Pharmacy had not produced coupon codes for their customers to use. What they offered are perks and bonuses that also interests customers as much as coupon codes. Among their offers were free pills, discounts for returning customers, referral bonuses and free shipping. They also sent surveys to verified purchasers and all customers who answered the surveys sent to them were given a special discount code.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy with a lot of missing information. What we only found are a long list of offered medicines, its affordable prices, and tons of on-site customer reviews. We would have praised this e-dispensary if they have third-party reviews but without a reliable customer feedback, we cannot leave a positive comment for this online pharmacy at the moment. We are unable to find the reason as well as to why this website closed down.

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