Review - Another Online Pharmacy Closed by ICE-Homeland Review – Another Online Pharmacy Closed by ICE-Homeland operated for nine years as an online pharmacy before it was shut down by ICE – Homeland Security Investigations. This website was said to offer generic and branded medicines that are used to treat hypertension, erectile dysfunction, skin problems, mental disorders, diabetes, painkillers, and urinary tract infection.

During their operation, claimed that their products are genuine and safe. According to some third-party site reviews we found, this e-dispensary claimed that their medicines are FDA approved. To date, with the website being seized by Homeland, most information about are no longer obtainable.

From the web archived information, we found out that this e-store operated for six years offering common generic medicines to their worldwide consumers. All medicines offered by this e-store were from India and were Indian FDA approved. During their operation, their contact information included phone numbers 646 205 2937, 44 203 011 0298, and 866 417 5821. They also had a contact form and a live chat support system.

On their FAQ page, it says that they do not require a prescription from their customers unless the country of destination has a strict law in terms of medicine importation. During their operation, they accepted different payment options such as credit card payment, EuroDebit electronic cash transfer, bank wire transfer, online check payment, MoneyGram, and Western Union. They offered to deliver worldwide with some exceptions in Asia. For delivering orders, they offered:

  • Courier Service for $20
  • Standard International Mail for free

Free delivery means waiting for up to 21 days while the Courier Service takes up to nine days. Even if orders were in stock, it takes up to two days after order confirmation before orders were shipped according to cheapestonlinedrugstore. This was due to the processing and packaging.

To manage orders, customers of this e-store can log in to their account online to check the status of their orders or they can contact the support team.

What is ICE?

ICE or Immigration and Customs Enforcement is an international force that investigates crimes such as money laundering, cybercrimes, human trafficking, intellectual property theft, narcotics smuggling, benefit fraud, and international art among other cases that affect a lot of people. Illegal online pharmacies are under the power of ICE because they are known to do the trafficking of not approved products. With its international presence and footprints, ICE has the power to shut down international operations including that of online pharmacies. With being closed down by ICE – Homeland Security Investigations, it means that this website was suspected of trafficking counterfeit products or medicines. Another reason why was seized by ICE was that they imported pharmaceutical products in the US. Importation of drugs to the US is a federal crime in the US. That is probably the main reason. Reviews

We are unable to obtain information as to when Cheapest Online Drugstore was closed by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In an effort to learn more about this e-store, we tried to look for customer reviews to determine how this e-store operated in the past but found none. We found some on-site testimonials and although we don’t believe in this kind of reviews, we would like to share some of them.

Cheapestonlinedrugstore Reviews

We found one-site reviews for and among the comments we found say these things – they are expressing gratitude for receiving their orders, for the help they received, for the fantastic pills, for not developing any side effects, and for the effective pills they received.

These online reviews were really good but since these are from their own testimonial page, we cannot count them as reliable customer experiences. Reviews 2018

With being closed down before 2018, we are unable to find any new reviews associated with this e-store. The information we gathered thru the internet archive is also limited, as all information about this e-store has been blocked by ICE. Coupon Codes

Cheapestonlinedrugstore Perks

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement – Homeland Security closed down and all information are currently blocked. A quick visit to the web archive also revealed that all screenshots of this website have been changed to the ICE warning page thus we are unable to find any coupon codes that this website could have released in the past.

We found a perk that had offered in the past and it was about giving free ED samples on every order.

Conclusion operated for six years before it was shut down by the US government. They offered affordable generic medicines such as their $1.13 generic Viagra pill, $1.22 generic Cialis, $2.32 generic Levitra, and $1.32 Cialis Soft. Their bestsellers mostly include generic erectile dysfunction medicines and based on our experience, these were among the cheapest in the market at the time when was still operating. provided different options for their customers to reach them. They had a phone support system, live chat support, and email support via their contact us page.

Without a reliable customer review and with the ICE – Homeland Security Investigations shutting down the operation of, we believe that this website did not have a license to ship medicines to the US.

Deborah Casey

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