Review - Serving Worldwide Consumers Since 2001 Review – Serving Worldwide Consumers Since 2001 is an internet drugstore with more than 17 years of experience under its sleeve. It is a Canadian e-store that offers generic Indian medicines. It started operating in 2001 as an online drugstore. According to their website, it started as a local drugstore in Canada back in the late 90s. After browsing the website for a few minutes, we noticed how the information it is. If you will click a certain medicine, you can find information under it such as dosage information, common use of the said drug, how to take it, precautions to take while taking it, contraindications, possible side effects, drug interaction, what to do if you missed a dose or taken too much, and how to store it properly.

From Cheap Pills, you can find different medicines for different medical conditions. Common medical conditions such as allergies, infections, pain, and skin problems. They also Rx medicines such as erectile dysfunction drugs, heart medications, drugs for hypertension, and diabetes among others. They also offer weight loss pills, sleeping aid pills, hair loss treatment, and birth control products.

At Cheap Pills, you can find the cheapest erectile dysfunction brand, which is a generic Viagra for only $0.27 per pill. A branded Viagra is also available for $2.56 per tablet. A generic Cialis costs $0.68 while a branded Cialis costs $3.72 per pill. As for branded Levitra, the price is $3.71 per tablet. Cheap Pills also offer other erectile dysfunction brands such as Kamagra, Fildena, Suhagra, Super P Force, and Tadacip. All medicines are Indian FDA approved most of the generic drugs are from India. All medicines offered by this e-store are CIPA and MIPA approved.

All orders are shipped thru FedEx and USPS for US customers, EMS, and Registered Mail for customers outside of the US. They accept PO Box addresses as a delivery address. Shipping fee depends on the country of destination and the order (weight and cost of the package). Orders are processed online only and orders can be paid with a credit card. As of this writing, this e-store only accepts credit cards.

For issues or concerns about the ordering process or your order, in particular, it is best to contact their support team at 718-487-9797 or 4420-3239-7092. If no one is responding to your call, you can send them a message via their ‘contact us’ page. It is not indicated on the website if their phone support team is available 24/7. Reviews

The number of online pharmacies worldwide is up to thousands now. This means that the competition is cutthroat and everyone is always on the lookout for a new customer to win. Cheap Pills has been operating for more a decade and as we assume that they have a lot of customer reviews to back them up, we are saddened by the fact that we are unable to find any customer reviews from any third-party review sites.

Cheap-pills Reviews

What we found are testimonials published on their testimonial page. Some of the reviews that we found revealed that:

  • Cheap-pills’ delivery service fast
  • They make their customers 100% satisfied
  • They have fast service
  • They have a helpful customer support team
  • They update their customers when it comes to order status
  • They have a great product selection
  • They offer affordable yet good quality medicines

These on-site reviews showed one thing – the good service of and though we do not want to dispute it, we cannot believe it. In fact, we believe that on-site testimonials are hard to rely on. Reviews 2018

Unfortunately, doesn’t have new reviews as well from any third-party review sites. For this reason, we just ended up checking their new customer feedback from their testimonial page.

Cheap-pills Reviews 2018

Among the things we found out from their new reviews are:

  • Cheap-pills delivery service is still good
  • Cheap-pills still deliver on time
  • Cheap-pills website is easy to use
  • Cheap-pills provides a great experience to their customers
  • Cheap-pills has excellent service

These are examples of great customer reviews that will surely entice anyone who will read it. This is indeed an effective marketing tool yet we believe that Cheap Pills should showcase the reviews not owned by the store. On-site reviews are often suspicious because these could have been written by the owner of the website. Coupon Codes

Cheap-pills Coupon Codes

At Cheap Pills, they are currently not offering promotions, discounts or coupon codes. We believe that with the current pricing they have, the need to offer coupon codes is no longer needed. Giving out coupon codes will make their product as giveaways hence what they released are perks and benefits that ordering customers can take advantage of.

Cheap Pills is now giving bonus pills on every order. You can choose the pills you want to have at the checkout page. You can choose between Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis as their bonus pills. In addition to bonus pills, customers of Cheap Pills with orders above $200 are qualified to get their order free of delivery charge.

Conclusion has been operating for the last 17 years and counting and we think they do because of their low-cost offers. They are also offering a wide range of products making them a good option for buyers who need different medicines. At a very cheap price, anyone can order from them, as they do not ask for a prescription. They also offer worldwide which is a plus.

If you have questions, you can pick up the phone and call them or send them a message thru their contact us page. We love a store with a great background but we can love them more if they have reliable customer stories to back them up. As of this writing, Cheap Pills can be a good option because of their long experience in the business but it is not a great choice as they lack dependable customer reviews.

Deborah Casey

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