Review: The Store that Offers Up To 70% Discount on Meds Review: The Store that Offers Up To 70% Discount on Meds

Canadian Pharmacy Meds is an online pharmacy that offers up to 70% savings if you will order your medication from them. It is a Canadian drugstore that offers different medications. They offer drugs for erectile dysfunction, for the heart, brain, muscle, skin, and all common medical conditions. Canadian Pharmacy Meds started operating in 2004 according to their online license.

We assume that Canadian Pharmacy Meds is located in Canada based on the name of their website. On their FAQ page, they mentioned though that the medicines they offer are from their different partners (pharmaceutical companies) around the world.

All medicines on their stock are said to be approved by the FDA. Canadian Pharmacy Meds offers generic and branded medicines although most are generic brands. One of their biggest poll of generic brand medicines is erectile dysfunction drug. They have at least 30 brands of ED drugs. At most, the price of generic ED medicine offered by Canadian Pharmacy Meds costs less than $2. Among the popular ED drug brands they have are:

  • Generic Viagra for $0.32 per pill
  • Generic Cialis for $0.67 per pill
  • Generic Levitra for $10.5 per pill
  • Branded Viagra for $3.32 per pill
  • Branded Cialis for $3.66 per pill
  • Branded Levitra for $3.8 per pill
  • Sildalis for $1.01 per pill
  • Kamagra for $0.88 per pill
  • Silivitra for $2.7 per pill
  • Malegra FXT for $1.32 per pill
  • Viagra Professional for $0.59 per pill
  • Caverta for $4.46 per pill
  • Forzest for $4.82 per pill
  • Zenegra for $0.63 per pill

If you wish to try any of the drugs offered by Canadian Pharmacy Meds, you can order and pay it from their website and pay with a credit card. You can also opt to have it delivered via Airmail for $9.95 or via EMS for $19.95. Airmail delivery takes up to three weeks while EMS takes up to one week and one day.

What we liked about this e-store is their fair and square policies when it comes to returning, refund, or exchanging their products. If the problem is not caused by you or is out of you or the store’s control, they will reship your order free of charge. Reviews

With a number of Canadian online pharmacies to check, why would you try Canadian Pharmacy Meds? Here are some of the stories shared by users of that might help you make a decision if you are going to use this website or not.

Canadian-pharmacy-meds Reviews

We found three users of Canadian-pharmacy-meds and here are the stories they shared.

The first one was from Liam who lives in snowy Ireland. Liam said that he was surprised to see his order delivered on time even when it was snowing. He said he will order again because it costs a lot cheaper as compared to the local drugstore in his area.

The second review was shared by Dylan from Germany. Dylan said that he was expecting his order to be delivered in his PO Box address but their local courier seems to disallow it. He had it delivered to his office and despite the delay, he was happy especially after seeing the free pills that came with his order.

For the last review, Landon from France wrote that he will continue ordering from because of the price of their medicines. He also said that he just received his order.

These three customers were happy customers of because of two things – it is cheap and they deliver. It is important to take note though that these are on-site testimonials. On site testimonials are not a reliable source as they are owned by the pharmacy. Reviews 2018

We decided to check new customer reviews for Canadian-pharmacy-meds. This is a 14-year old online pharmacy and after searching for 2018 reviews, we found nothing but the same on-site comments:

Canadian-pharmacy-meds Reviews

According to Samuel, he just received his order and he was happy to get the free pills as well. Jackson also wrote a testimonial to correct his first assumption about this e-store. Jackson said that he initially thought of Canadian-pharmacy-meds as a scam. After ordering from it and receiving his order, Jackson now says that he will never order from any online pharmacies ever.

Again, these are on-site testimonials and is not a reliable source as they are a part of the pharmacy’s website content.

Unfortunately, they do not have third-party reviews yet despite their years in the online pharmacy business. Coupon Codes

Canadian-pharmacy-meds Perks

For 18 years since they started operating as an online pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacy Meds always release promotions to keep their customers and to attract new ones. They do not have coupon codes at the moment but what they offer are free shipping on all orders above $200 and free Viagra pills on all orders. They are also continuing their offers of low-cost, high-quality medicines.


Canadian Pharmacy Meds is an internet drugstore that is operating in Canada for the last 18 years. They have a license to sell and distribute medicines and all of their medicines are FDA approved. The website is also CIPA and MIPA certified.

This e-dispensary has been offering medicines at a very low price. In fact, they offer cheap generic Viagra medicine at $0.32 per tablet. This is one of the cheapest ED drugs you can find online. The drugs offered by this e-store are from other parts of the world mainly India, Canada, and the US. Unfortunately, we were not able to confirm Canadian Pharmacy Meds claims about their reliability.

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