Review – Operated Only for a Year Before Closing Down Review – Operated Only for a Year Before Closing Down was a former online drugstore that sold generic treatments for a host of medical conditions. This online drugstore was created in 2015 but it was only short-lived – the store has also closed down after a year (2016), according to the technical information for this web pharmacy.

According to the archived information for the Canada’s Trades shop, it was also alternatively called as Canadian Pharmacy. I have also found out that Canada’s Trades was also a part of the Canadian Health & Care Mall company since this company’s copyright was written at the bottom of the Canada’s Trades website.

Although there was available information on the archive for Canada’s Trades, most of the store’s sections (like the About Us, FAQ, and others) were inaccessible. Because of this, I only came to know more about the shop through its available information on its main page.

Based on what I saw on the Canada’s Trades archived data, this online store sold mainly medicines for erectile dysfunction and featured medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Viagra Professional, Levitra and plenty other impotence-treating brand and generic products. However, besides these impotence treatments, Canada’s Trades also had medicines for other medical conditions, like bacterial infections, allergies, anxiety, high cholesterol, and more.

Medicines on Canada’s Trades were cheap – for instance, instead of paying for nearly $100 for a Cialis pill for ED, the shop only asked at least $0.72 for the generic version of the same product. Buyers were able to save on medicine costs on Canada’s Trades considering its low prices.

Like most of the online pharmacies on the web, Canada’s Trades perhaps sourced its medicines from India, the home of massive drug conglomerates like Cipla, Sun Pharma, and also international companies like Pfizer, GSK, and more.

Regarding prescriptions, there wasn’t anything on Canada’s Trades about it requiring its buyers to provide their Rx, so I assumed that the store wasn’t really strict on Rx purchases.

There were no clues regarding this store’s disappearance and as we can deduce from its lack of reviews, buyers did not really care about Canada’s Trades since it was perhaps too unpopular. Reviews

There were literally no customer comments for Canada’s Trades on the web. However, the shop did receive blogger attention in the past, although these articles were composed by consumers who were unable to purchase anything from the website – most of these blog articles were just blogger impressions on the Canada’s Trades pharmacy.

Canadas Trades Review (On-Site)
Canada’s Trades Review (On-Site)

There was no “Testimonials” section on Canada’s Trades and whether the store had reviews on the product pages, I had no idea. Nonetheless, I came across this one comment from a client named “John Wayne”, which was posted as a banner on Canada’s Trades.

According to the reviewer, he tried purchasing Viagra from Canada’s Trades as prompted by his wife. He ended up enjoying the product he purchased and he thanked the store for being able to supply him with an effective treatment for his medical concern.

Although the store’s on-site comment was positive, we can’t be sure about its authenticity considering it has only originated from the Canada’s Trades store. It’s hard to confirm if there was an actual person behind this review or if this was just published by Canada’s Trades for show. Reviews 2018

I had to check the Canada’s Trades status using third-party websites since it has expired in 2016. One platform I used was the site Scam Adviser and here’s the assessment result for the Canada’s Trades store:

Scam Adviser Result for Canadas Trades

Scam Adviser Result for Canada’s Trades was identified by Canada’s Trades as an offline site. Scam Adviser did not have accurate information about this store’s location, although Scam Adviser detected the website’s host in Russia. Also, according to Scam Adviser, the store Canada’s Trades had a malware complaint on the web.

Result for Canadas Trades

Result for Canada’s Trades

Besides Scam Adviser, I have also used another platform, to check up on Canada’s Trades. According to the website, Canada’s Trades was incepted in 2015 but its domain registry has expired the succeeding year, in 2016.

Apart from this information, Scamner has identified the following problems on the website:

  • The shop did not have an SSL certificate, which threatened the safety of its customers
  • did not have many visitors in the past, which indicates low popularity
  • No trust records were available for

Despite the store not yet labeled by Google as an unsafe store, did not recommend browsing the site. Coupon Codes

While there were no coupon codes found on the shop, the store still offered several deals to its clients, as you can see in the image below:

Canadas Trades Discounts
Canada’s Trades Discounts

According to the information I’ve found on the store, buyers were entitled to the following conditional deals:

  • Freebie pills on selected purchases
  • Free shipping
  • Special discounts

Conclusion was a former online pharmacy that offered cheap generic medicines and shipped them worldwide. This online pharmacy has served the public for only a year, since shortly after its 2015 inception, it has unfortunately closed down its doors to its customers.

The shop did not receive much online attention, which made it difficult for me to tell whether it was reliable or not. However, since Canada’s Trades is now offline, I think it’s more important for us to look for new stores to shop from instead of wonder whether was a scam site or not.

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