Review - Putting Affordable Medicines in Your Hands Review – Putting Affordable Medicines in Your Hands was founded in 2003 and is an international internet drugstore that serves worldwide customers. Among the adjectives, they used to describe their store are ‘safe’ and ‘reasonably priced store’ that offers branded and generic medicines to anyone. This e-dispensary offers to deliver anywhere, anytime. As its name implies and based on the accreditation we saw on their website (CIPA), we assume that Canada Drug Stop is a Canadian online pharmacy.

This drugstore offers over the counter and prescription medicines but anyone can place an order, as they don’t require a prescription. There is no list of available medicines but you can use the search bar to check if they have the drug you need. If the searched drug is available, it will show a result along with the dosage and price. Although they do not have a list of medicines being offered, they have a list of the popular drugs sold on their website. offers a lot of medicines such as hypertension drugs, antidepressants, anti-allergy, pain relief medication, asthma, and cancer drugs. Erectile dysfunction drugs are also available and in fact, Viagra is one of their most popular drugs. When we searched for Viagra using the search button, it showed that it is sold by this e-store for $3.8 per tablet for the branded one and $2.2 for the generic one. A branded Cialis is sold for $5.2 per pill and $1.4 for the generic one. As for branded Levitra, it is on sale for $9.8 per pill and $2.7 per pill for the generic one.

The medicines sold by Canada Drug Stop are from the different fulfillment centers they have collaborated with. They have partners in Turkey, Canada, Singapore, Mauritius, the UK, the US, New Zealand, and Australia. According to their FAQ page, all medicines shipped from their fulfillment centers are FDA approved. The health agencies of the countries where the medicines are shipped have also inspected and checked it.

The standard shipping fee for all orders across all countries is $10. If you are in Canada, you can receive your order in as fast as 12 days but if you are outside Canada, the order can arrive in 18 days. International shipping except in the US varies. We are unable to find information about the payment methods accepted by this e-store though.

This e-dispensary promises a 100% money back guarantee plus 100% guaranteed shipping. If anything happens to your order that is not caused by you (eg providing incorrect address), will reship the order free of charge. Reviews

Buying from an online pharmacy has its drawbacks such as risks of being scammed or receiving counterfeit medicines. To avoid such from happening, it is important to learn more about a particular e-store before trusting and using it. For 15 years, Canadadrugstop has been serving its worldwide customers and if their long experience in the business is not enough to convince you, here are some reviews that you might want to consider.

Canadadrugstop Reviews

Becky said in her review that she was having a hard time finding her prescription medicine and the few stores that offer it, offer it at a very high price. Thanks to Canada Drug Stop, Becky is now able to order her medicine without much ado. A search online helped her find this e-store.

As for Whitehead, Canada Drug Stop means having easy access to medicines she needs. Whitehead is taking Metformin, a drug for diabetes and it means taking it forever. With Canada Drug Stop, she no longer has to worry about paying for her medicine.

Lastly, we found a review from David who learned about Canada Drug Stop through a friend. David’s experience with the last online pharmacy was not good as he received fake drugs. Luckily, Canadadrugstop was able to change his experience as he received the real medicine.

These three customers of Canadadrugstop are now happy because they found an e-store that they can rely on. Perhaps they are some of the many people who helped Canadadrugstop to survive these last 15 years. Reviews 2018

The first reviews we found were actually old reviews of We searched for a newer review and found this one from a few months ago.

Canadadrugstop Reviews 2018

The first one was from Sue who said that her order arrived earlier than expected. She was not just surprised at the delivery time, she was also surprised at the price. According to her Sue, the price was extremely lower as compared to the price in the US.

Just like the old customers of Canada Drug Stop, Sue is also happy with the experience she had with the said e-store. These kinds of customer experiences could be the reason why they are still one of the longest-running online pharmacies in the world.

Canadadrugstop Facebook Reviews
Canadadrugstop Facebook Reviews

A quick look at their overall rating on Facebook revealed that they have not such a great rating because of some complaints and issues. Among the issues from their past customer are their incompetent staff because the staff asked for another copy of prescription (they asked for a new prescription to fulfill a new order) and they won’t give a supervisor when asked for one. Another issue is delayed order but then, it is an international shipping according to the staff of Canada Drug Stop. I would say, nothing major to be worried about. Coupon Code

Canadadrugstop Free Shipping Offer

To date, Canada Drug Stop has one coupon code that customers can take advantage of. They offer 10% on all orders plus free shipping. To avail of the said coupon code, just click on the ‘get coupon’ button.

Conclusion is one of the longest-operating internet drugstores in Canada. They started in 2003 and for the last 15 years, they have accumulated nothing but great customer reviews and some complaints regarding the way their staff handles customer concerns. Still, we can see that they have improved their service a lot plus they improved with the availability of more brands of erectile dysfunction brands on their shelves.

Although this e-store is missing an important information such as the accepted payment method, we can say that contacting them is easy as you can just dial 1-877-210-3784. A third-party review website actually mentioned that this e-dispensary accepts credit card, money order, and cashier’s check. If you need to verify this information, dial customer support and their friendly representatives will surely help you.

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