Review – Large Selection of Quality Meds Review – Large Selection of Quality Meds is a Canadian online pharmacy that was established back in 2001 but is now closed and is no longer available. It already had more than a decade of service to its customers, providing quality medications at low costs and answering the need of most people who are looking for effective and affordable drugs. Though it serves customers from all over the world, most of its clients are from the United States and it’s not a surprise as to why because it is a country where drug prices are unregulated. When was still in existence, it sells medicines at prices which are up to 80% cheaper than the prices that the local US drugstores have. Customers only have to spend a fraction of their money in buying drugs from this site and they enjoyed this benefit for years before decided to close down. No particular notice was given by the site prior to stopping its operations and people can only speculate what those reasons are. Because of’s closure, many of its customers were forced to look for a different source for buying their meds.

The help that gave to many of its clients is priceless. Most of its customers were people with no medical insurance but because of the very low prices of medicines on its site, affording meds have become generally easy for the buyers. Even customers with health insurances are frequent customers of as Medicare has coverage gaps wherein once its members have used up their allotted medicines for a certain period of time, they’re going to have to pay out-of-pocket expenses until their medicine allowances refresh the following year. has helped many patients and saved many lives by becoming an alternative medicine source that enabled many to continue their drug treatment.

To enable the buyers to find their needed meds immediately, a search box is provided by on the top part of its page. Customers simply need to put the correct spelling of their meds, be it the brand name or its generic name, and the search results will give them what they’re looking for. The most commonly bought drugs are also listed on the left part of its page so customers will save time from searching. Although it also sells branded medications, promotes the sale of generic meds to its customers through its International Generics Program (IGP), a program where the buyers are allowed to choose from its wide selection of low-cost generic medicines. Buying meds from its IGP with a total amount of $99 USD and up also allows them to have their items shipped free of any shipping charges which gives them additional savings. Just like local pharmacies, also requires its customers to provide prescriptions when they purchase prescription drugs. This policy is mandated by the site for the safety of the customers themselves as proper medical checkups are required before using prescription meds. Without valid prescriptions, the customers won’t be able to buy their medicines. has a fax line where the buyers can send their prescriptions and this toll-free fax number is 866 773 2696. It also has an alternate fax number which is 204 867 5646.

Also, one of the good things about is it doesn’t have any memberships which keeps the identity of its clients confidential. What it only asks for are the necessary info such as their names and their complete address but with regards to other important details, customers are not required to provide them for their privacy. Reviews

The site of itself has no review or testimonials section that’s why its customers have put their reviews at independent pharmacy review sites. Since has been long closed, finding reviews for the site is not that easy. But here’s one review for the site, coming from a customer named Garry:

Canada-pharmacy User User Review

The satisfaction of Garry with transacting with is evident in the review that he has provided as he gave the site a 5-star score, mentioning that it has great customer service and prices for its products. He used to purchase all of his meds here at and is always amazed at the online prices which is much, much cheaper than the drug prices in the US. Garry admits that without the help of the store, he could not have been able to afford his medicines. Garry also adds that the shipping of his orders were quick, arriving just in time that he needed them. In saying that the shipping was also reliable, Garry might have been referring to the excellent condition of his package when it arrived to him. He concludes his review by thanking the site.

We can definitely be sure that this review is a genuine one as it came from a third-party review site which is Trustpilot. Online pharmacies whose reviews are only the ones from within its site cannot be trusted very much as those reviews may have been fabricated to make the site look legit. Reviews 2018 has been long closed which means that there will be no more recent reviews for the site. People who were previous customers of has already looked for other sources for their medicines as the site can no longer be accessed. It was a decent site back when it was still operating but customers would now have to look for a different place to buy their meds from since it’s already closed. Coupon Codes

Customers from the US and from the Caribbean are at a great advantage over customers from other parts of the world in ordering at as the site provides free shipping to them.

Canada-pharmacy Free Shipping

For international customers to have free shipping for their orders, they have a purchase requirement that they should reach which is $99 USD and up for IGP orders. But for the US and Caribbean orders, they will have their orders shipped free of any shipping fees regardless of their purchase amount. The reason for this was not specified by but it may have something to do with their partnership with the courier services in those locations.


Customers who are looking for effective and cheap meds have found the answer at, a site that provides a large selection of quality meds which are up to 80% cheaper than the local pharmacy prices. But sadly, this site is already closed and for buyers who are looking for alternatives, they can check our top list of recommended providers.

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