Review - Effective Medications at Low Prices Review – Effective Medications at Low Prices is an online pharmacy that was established in 2009 whose physical location is in British Columbia, Canada. Regulatory bodies such as CIPA and Pharmacy Checker have certified that is legitimate and can be trusted.

Big Mountain Drugs gets their medications from reputable manufacturers who are known for the production of high-quality medications. Besides dispensing medications from British Columbia, Big Mountain Drugs also works with other international fulfillment centers for the supply of customers’ orders which are located in Singapore, Canada, the UK, Mauritius, New Zealand, and Turkey. stocks a wide variety of medications to ensure that their customers will save more from their prescription drugs. Among the best-selling drugs is Viagra that is being sold at a discounted price of $130. Cialis is also being sold at a discounted price of $65. The other top-selling medications at include Motilium, Levitra, Crestor, and Sun Life Multivitamins. A doctor’s prescription will be required for all medications that are labeled RX whereas those that are labeled as OTs will not need it.

To make it easier for customers to find their medications, the drugs are classified in various major categories like Acne medications, ADHD, HIV medications, Allergy medications, Anesthesia, Anti-fungal, Anti-Angina, and Anti-diarrhea, among others. To pay for these medications, one can use a MasterCard, Visa, Personal Checks, International Money Orders or an eCheck.

Shipping of medications will take between 10 and 18 working days as a result of border procedures and other customs checks. Shipping of medication to the United States will be charged a minimum of $10 per order. For orders that will be shipped to other destinations all over the world, the shipping fee will be $25.

Big Mountain Drugs will not allow the return of medications once they have been delivered. According to Big Mountain Drugs, the Pharmaceutical laws do not allow the return of medications for any reason. For this reason, customers are advised to consult their doctors before placing the order so that they can be assured that they will be getting are the right ones.

To contact, you can use the toll-free telephone number, toll-free fax number, or send an email through the email address that has been provided at the website. I could not find a live chat option which makes making a call the quickest way to communicate with Big Mountain Drugs. Reviews

There mixed reviews from customers who have been buying medications from Big Mountain Drugs.

Clynn69 says that he has been purchasing his medications from for several years and has not had any problem with his orders. He is able to place his order through phone and the medications are delivered in four weeks. He adds that there is no time that his prescription has been lost after submitting it to

Birdlover says that he has also not had a problem with Big Mountain Drug for the many years he has been buying from them. The drugs are delivered on time and the manufacturers’ seals in all the medications received in always intact. The price of his prescription drugs is also very low and he is always contacted when the time comes for refilling his order. The customer service team is also very friendly and helpful in the process of placing orders.

Ludkey is also a satisfied customer having made two orders for generic Viagra from The drugs are always delivered within the stipulated time and are as effective as the expensive medications. He adds that the customer service team is always very helpful and ensures that he is notified whenever there is a need to send in another prescription.

Bigmountaindrugs Reviews

Scott48 sent his order at Big Mountain Drugs and it was misplaced. On making an inquiry, he was told to submit another prescription which made him wonder if knew what they were doing.

Bigmountaindrugs Feedback Reviews 2018

The most recent reviews regarding the services offered by are positive.

Kenneth S says that Big Mountain Pharmacy is among the best online pharmacies that he has ever had a chance to transact with. The processing of the orders is very fast and the customer service team is very friendly. He would recommend to anyone wishing to buy medications online.

Gary S has been purchasing drugs from Big Mountain Drugs for the past three years and he has always received satisfactory services. The prices of his medications enable him to have huge saving on his prescriptions compared to the amount he would have paid in a local pharmacy. The delivery has also been made on time every time and this is why he will continue buying his medications from At times, he is forced to call several times before his call is answered but when they do, they are always ever professional.

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There are various orders that are currently active at Big Mountain Drugs that customers can take advantage of in order to save more on their medications.

There is a discount of up to 50% on selected items at All a customer has to do is to shop and the discount will be automatically applied.

For every 0 spent at bigmountaindrugs
For every 0 spent at bigmountaindrugs

For every $100 spent at, a $10 discount will be offered. This means that the customer will pay $90.

Cialis also has a $5 discount that is currently active.

Bigmountaindrugs Coupon Codes

Conclusion is has been in operation for a long time and has managed to fill thousands of prescriptions. The drugs are sourced from reputable manufacturer though there is no indication that they have been approved by the FDA. Most of the customers have been satisfied with the services though there are some that complain about their prescription being misplaced after submission via fax. Besides the issue of prescriptions and the delay in the shipping which most of the times is beyond, the quality of the medications is excellent and they are as effective as the brand medications.

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