Review - 9 Years in Business And Was Still Doubted by the US Government Review – 9 Years in Business And Was Still Doubted by the US Government was a 9-year old internet drugstore that was seized by the US government. It was closed down for selling counterfeit medicines via the power of Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII – a joint effort of the US government and some international agencies that work on putting on end to cybercrime. As for most operators of online pharmacies, they believe that that the Operation in Our Sites-Project TransAtlantic VIII was a ploy to stop internet drugstores from their booming popularity. With consumers transferring to Canadian and Indian online pharmacies where medicines are cheaper and more affordable, giant pharmaceutical companies are consistently losing sales hence the crackdown of Canadian and Indian online pharmacies began.

The medicines offered by were branded and generic medicines that were mostly from India. These medicines were said to be Indian FDA approved and were certified by the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. Alexapharma also said in their page that their operation was legal.

Among the categories of medicines they offered at this e-store included:

  • Drugs that can help stop alcohol addiction and smoking addiction
  • Drugs that can fight bacterial and viral infections
  • Drugs that can ease pain and inflammation
  • Drugs that can lower blood pressure, the sugar level in the blood, and cholesterol
  • Drugs that can prevent hair loss and get pregnant
  • Drugs that can help with erectile dysfunction, depression, and anxiety

Customers who were refilling their prescription can search for the medicine they need via the category list or the bestsellers list. They can also search for the drug by typing the name of the drug on the search box. For more information or issues, provided 718 313 1498, 800 532 4808, and 44 203 011 0241 as their customer support numbers. Customers were able to send queries thru the contact us page of this e-store. For email support, their email address was [email protected]

Erectile dysfunction drugs are one of the most searched medicines online.’s bestsellers were mostly ED medicines too. They offered generic Viagra for $.69 per tablet and $1.30 for generic Cialis. They also offered generic Levitra for $1.50 per pill and Apcalis Jelly for $3. For a branded Cialis, the price was $9.67 apiece and $9 for a piece of branded Viagra. Other brands of ED medicines offered by this e-dispensary included Caverta, generic Cialis Soft, Cialis Super Active, generic Cialis Super Force, Eriacta, Intagra, Kamagra, and Kamagra Gold.

Customers of Alexapharma were able to pay for their orders with a credit card. Their orders were delivered in two ways:

  • $30 Courier Service where delivery time takes up to 9 days
  • $10 Standard International Airmail where delivery time takes up to 21 days

They accepted a PO Box address for delivery. Po Box address was eligible for Standard International Airmail delivery only. reship orders free of charge as long as the customer reported the issue upon receiving their package. Orders can be canceled on the first 24-hours only and once it was processed, a cancellation was no longer possible. Reviews

Finding customer reviews for was not as hard as they had their own testimonial page. After reading some of the on-site customer reviews of, here are some of the things we learned about this e-store:

Alexapharma Reviews
  • had a speedy delivery service and that they deliver
  • offered good deals to their customers
  • answer customer queries immediately
  • provided bonus pills to its customers
  • offered genuine medicines only, medicines that work

These positive reviews of can’t be found on any other websites making as question its authenticity. Were they shared by real customers or were just written by the operator of We believe that on-site reviews have biases because the owners of this websites are often using reviews as a way to promote their web stores and this can be the case with this e-store. Reviews 2018

As is no longer in operation in 1018, customer reviews for 2018 for this online pharmacy is no longer available. Coupon Codes

Alexapharma Coupon Code

For nine years of being operational, we are unable to find any coupon codes that could have released for their clients to use. What they offered were plenty of perks and promotions that aim to keep their customers loyal to them.

One of their promotion was giving away bonus pills on every order. Depending on the number of ordered pills, the bonus pills starts at 4 and can be as much as 20 tablets.

They also offered a money back guarantee and secure shipping on all orders. To top this, customers with eligible orders were able to have their orders delivered free of charge.

Conclusion was an online pharmacy that operated for nine years. According to the US government, this e-store sold counterfeit medicines hence it was shut down. Visiting the link of leads to the seized order of the Europol and the US government.

This e-store had a lot to offer during its run. Their list was long and they assured their customers that their products were safe for human consumption. They added that these were from India and were Indian FDA approved with a certification from the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. accepted credit card for payment and they shipped orders in two different ways. We find their pricing as fair and within range when compared to other online pharmacies – it was not too high or too low. They also created a support team to ensure that all queries were answered in a timely manner. Their phone numbers were for their US, UK, and international customers. For those who were not able to contact them, their contact us page was also available.

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