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At Health News, we’re all about transparency. We want buyers all over the world to have a good idea about the shops they’re dealing with, especially since these online platforms aren’t just selling gadgets or clothes—they’re selling medicines that have the potential for cure or harm. We believe that it is our duty to protect consumers from fraudsters prowling the web, and what we do here as a review site is one of the best ways we can do to help safeguard our buyers’ safety.

Transparency is hard to find, especially in online sellers, regardless of the products they sell. That’s why it is important for buyers to have a voice when it comes to their products—consumers should be able to let other consumers know about their experiences with websites they have used before. Shared experience is powerful—when someone is able to share how he successfully (or unsuccessfully) used a website, other people can decide whether or not to use the shop in question. Because of the insight shared by buyers able to experience a specific platform, others can have a reliable guide when it comes to their future purchases.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing your medicines online, reading our reviews and taking time to consider sites included on our list of top vendors would help you in finding the best online drugstore to use for your needs.